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Plan, Produce & Maintain Websites.
Produce Branded Mobile Apps for Android & iTunes App Stores.
Social Presence Growth.
Upgrade Facebook Fan pages.
Brand marketing & PR services.
A Mix of Enterprise Platform and Marketing Services.


Mobile Apps
Android and iTunes.
Same day production available.
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Facebook Apps
Increase Fanpage functionality.  Increase your advertising inventory.  Run photo contests and sweeps.
We work directly with high profile models, bands, and stars who we work in coordination with to coordinate brand exposure.
Custom Projects
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Why Elettro Social Platform?

Unique exclusive features.  Proven money maker.  Expert support.  Frequent innovations.

Expand your Exposure with Social Media
Find out more about our ability to coordinate with popular social influencers to get your brand in front of more people.
Increase Advertising Inventory
Create more ad spots to sell to advertisers or use for your own promotion. Advertisers want to get on mobile apps they don’t have choices.
Mobile App Store SEO
The world is search the mobile app stores for apps with solutions, games, and entertainment. Don’t just be present, corner a niche.
Generate Revenue
Grow your active mobile audience base then create revenue from ads and have build something of value for sponsorships.

Elettro Mobile Production Highlights

Single Session Setup
Guided setup includes producing icon and background graphics, screenshots, and app store submission.
Android & iTunes Apps
Single controller for all mobile app distribution nodes, makes updates a breeze, zero maintenance content available.
Generate Revenue
Make money with Elettro Apps. Move ads.  Sell products. Barter exposure.  Have high traffic? Ask us how to capitalize from it.

Featured Elettro Projects

Get a glimpse at some of our featured examples.

How we work

Hands on, directly with our clients and partners to ensure quality and to get things done as with maximum quality and as quickly as possible.

Latest News

Fleet Approach for Film Studios with multiple films per year

FLEET APPROACH Explanation of the benefits to launching and managing multiple apps across the app stores. Elettro can RAPID produce mobile apps for iTunes, Google Play and Amazon…. for each film...

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How restaurants benefit from Elettro apps

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Beyond your first mobile app

We recommend making your first app for a brand to be a free app, and to be used to as a central point of information about the person, band,...

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Interested in penetrating Brazil market? Sim Sim!

Search for the app… ELETTRO BRASIL that is my demo app, its set to the next Disney Animated Feature, they called me yesterday and in 30 minutes I turned...

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Agencies, expand your digital marketing service offering

Fundamental digital brand marketing tools Agencies, Publicity, PR, Social media responsible people, expand what you offer in some specific corners of digital social branding that a majority of businesses haven’t...

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Available Ad Spots

AVAILABLE AD SPOTS   Websites Editorial articles, can include YouTube videos 728 x 90 & 300 x 250 banners Background takeovers Run of sites option Premiere/Launch Base Location Series...

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Why Choose Us?

Passion for Innovation

Speak with our team to and quickly get a sense of their experience and ability to work quickly with an international best practices point of view.

Low Risk. Low Cost.

Includes no setup fees, low monthly fee, and no cost if you are eligible.  Elettro also offers expanded services at a discounted rate to Active Elettro Clients and Partners.

Digital Brand Coverage

Google Play apps, iTunes apps, Amazon apps, Facebook apps, Instant Website all controlled by from one spot.

Exclusive - Sell Tickets to Events

Present your Facebook events including ticket sales link on your mobile app.  No extra work to maintain your schedule on mobile it pulls it automatically from your Facebook fan page.

Exclusive - Pinito Integration

Exclusive integration partner with social photo network Pintio.  Pintio is commonly used to drive the photos for a section on a mobile app.  Gain positive SEO by posting images with good titles and descriptions.   Gain exposure to new people, gain new followers, begin to monetize. Ask us how.

Exclusive - OpenTable Reservations

Accept OpenTable reservations directly from your Facebook Fan page. Add a cool background behind the reservation form.  Very easy to setup, enter 5 digit ID code, save and install on Facebook.

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