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Blowing People Mind’s 

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Make your marketing materials come alive with Pintio.

Our team of specialists are standing by handling every request to process requests of adding your graphics as markers that trigger your videos or 3D.  

A great commercial solution for getting into Augmented Reality without having to spend a ton of money and retain an expensive team.   The Elettro team uses to the Pintio App as the catalyst house app for triggering your augmented reality. 

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Business Card triggers promo video with AR app 

Open the Pintio App and point it at this business card
— You see how it triggers the video below to play on the surface of the business card)

 (music by AK Cole & Stashbox)

Point Pintio app at this business card to see it trigger the 3D Stashbox Van in 360 view below 

Business Card triggers 3D 

When you hover over the business card above, you see this 3D van – 360 degree view of it.



Company Logo – 3D 
Point the Pintio app at this logo and you will see this cool 3D Spinning Logo.