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Boost your online business with a wide range of professional digital marketing  and creative services from Elettro. Our deep expertise in digital brand marketing strategy and production including SEO and paid marketing give our clients the benefit of our years of experience.  We deliver real solutions for our clients, constantly optimizing campaigns and technology to maximize growing your business, brands, and bottom line revenue.  

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Ready to improve your branding and digital marketing strategy & production work flow? Our experienced leadership and professional staff can deliver some of the most outstanding solutions for all kinds of businesses small to large.  Absolutely skilled and certified to research, analyze, and deliver solutions that can fit perfectly for your budget and deliver results up to 500% above your expectations. Get in touch for free competitive analysis today.

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Digital Marketing

We are prepared and very motivated to take care of every new challenge related professional SEO, Digital Marketing, Analytics & Reporting. All of that with one mutual goal, delivering success for your business. If you need to take action, and fast, Elettro is the right choice!

Web App Tech

Web App & Tech

Since the first moment that we created our business, Elettro has been offering professional Web and Technical solutions for all its customers and businesses. With a proven record of our success, we would be more than happy to escalate your online growth and expansion. Our guidance and solutions are unmatched when it comes to design, creativity, and professional customized development services. Together, let’s achieve the results that provide value to your business.

Graphic And Design

Graphic & Design

From the bottom to the top, looks are 90% of what people percept. And without good graphic and design services, finding the best for your business can be a mess. Elettro stands here professionally to make things easier for you by offering more than 10 years of expertise in brand inspiration, creativity, design, and innovation. We are ready and fully reliable to provide you or your business with the right concepts in order to achieve the desired success.

Video & Audio

Beauty is relative, and details are what make every footage amazing. With more than 10 years of expertise and knowledge in Video and Animation, Elettro knows how to transform any kind of video into an amazing footage for the viewers. Worry less about trends, styles, and effects, we can cover all kinds of situations and solutions related with post-production, filming, making short clips, music videos & mastering, professional promotions, and successful commercials.

Digital Reality for Businesses in 2022

  • Digital takes center stage.
    The rate of digital transformation continues to accelerate. Nearly three-quarters (72%) of organizations’ customer interactions are now digital, and 93% say the speed at which projects take place is faster than it used to be 5 years ago.

  • IT budgets continue to rise.
    85% of responding organizations said this was true, versus 77% in the 2021 and 75% in the 2020.

  • The number of projects IT is asked to deliver has increased by 40% this year, a jump from 30% last year.
    However, IT is spending the vast majority of its time running the business, not on development and innovation.

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We are able to scale from a local small business to fortune 500 projects.  Let’s have a conversation about your needs.  Request a free competitive SEO consultation from us. 

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Common IT challenges for Businesses in 2022

  • Over half (55%) of organizations say it is difficult to integrate user experiences.
    This is a 7% increase from last year, driven by security and governance challenges, outdated infrastructure, and an inability to keep up with changing processes, tools, and systems.

  •  Data silos are a persistent challenge for 90% of organizations.
    Integration demands are increasingly cited for more data scientists, business analysts, and customer support staff. The biggest challenges lie with incorporating dataderived insight into user-facing apps.

  • Over half (52%*) of IT projects weren’t delivered on time last year.
    The number of projects IT is being asked to deliver has increased by 40%* in the last year. Yet existing infrastructure continues to slow down the speed of project delivery, turning the department into an innovation bottleneck.

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For more than 20 years, our experience and results speak about the professionalism and dedication of our services more than we can ever do. 

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SEO Marketing Agency in New York New Jersey

Marketing Solutions that Scale

No matter the location, the internet has connected people together more than ever before. And with the right solutions and professional marketing services, your business can connect with potential customers and audiences easier, faster, and more efficiently than ever before. 

By working with Elettro you don’t have to worry ever again about the right strategy, how to execute it, and about your success. Our professionals have more than 10 years of knowledge and experience in all kinds of marketing fields and platforms. That is why you can rely on Elettro 100% to take your marketing to a new level without paying crazy amounts of money. As long as you have the desire for growth and expansion, we are here to help!

Why Elettro?


With a team working abroad, we can offer the best and most professional services at prices that can't be matched with the current markets in the USA. All of that, while delivering the same results!


No matter the time, day, or the problem, Elettro is more than happy to provide our clients ongoing support 24/7, the whole year. Yeah, we are you best Valentine, always!

Knowledge & Execution

Diversity is our favorite thing regarding innovation. With the right knowledge and professional experience we can deliver strategies and personalized solutions to reach maximum goals for your business.


From day one, until today, our main priority have always been our customers. Keep in mind that on every step, project, challenge, your success its our first priority!

Team Strength

Nothing good comes from working alone. That is why we have gathered a team of digital marketing specialists in order to deliver only the best and most successful results for our clients. At all times, without doubts.

Digital Marketing Agency in New York New Jersey

FAQs about Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing is a system designed to provide tools to businesses through techniques that adapt to the target audience. It allows you to keep track of the decisions that are made, all in real time. This allows you to have better control over the media or resources you have. It is a key resource for all those who wish to undertake it. It uses media and channels on the web in order to increase the sales strategy. It allows an exchange of information between the user and the seller that improves the fluidity in the process of acquiring a service or product.

Digital marketing agencies are organizations with a staff trained in the area of digital advertising. They are in charge of providing tools when the client does not have all the knowledge to project its objectives. They are in charge of planning strategies, creating content, redirecting messages and even publishing through the web all the necessary information for a product to have greater reach. It is also a very modern business strategy. That is why today there are more companies using this medium as a sales strategy and this in turn generates more organizations that facilitate the service.

No, they are not the same. SEO is a group of techniques that allow you to optimize websites such as blogs, or pages and keep you in a good position in search engines like Google. This with the intention of optimizing the reach that a website needs to have. SEO is a tool within what is known as digital marketing. SEO and marketing are tools that complement each other in order to better project a service or product, but marketing covers everything related to trade and SEO is implicit in marketing.

It may seem the same, but in reality it is not. SEO, are techniques to organically improve the positioning of a web page, achieving in an organic way an optimal positioning. While, on the other hand, paid advertising or also known as SEM achieves its positioning through advertising or ads and this is not permanent, since it has not worked to gain a position. Thus, it is an additional expense. The seo studies the best way to achieve real results, improving with each experience. Both are valid depending on the intention you have or the goal to be achieved and both can work together to achieve even better results.

It is not possible to predict the time in which SEO will achieve results, since this depends on the objectives that each user wants to achieve. That is why in some cases it may take longer than in others. However, with the previous knowledge and the ability to create the strategies, it is possible to estimate a target time, the only thing that can be guaranteed is that if the desired results are achieved, they will be organic and long-lasting. As long as you continue to optimize the way you stand out. It should be noted that the world of Google is quite extensive, so some strategies may be more useful than others. It is all about fighting against the Google algorithm and keeping in mind that it is a sea with many fish.

Their job could be considered a facilitator. Because these people serve as guides for their clients when it comes to amplifying search results on the web. They are in charge of processing data and making reports, all with the intention of achieving a great impact on the campaign and also improving those results more and more. It could be said that they are in charge of finding solutions at a digital level. A whole process that is achieved through search engines. Among the results that can be achieved are a greater reach on websites, better optimization of social networks, better advertising results, having a great reach in potential customers through emails.

A marketing strategy involves all the decisions taken to finalize the programmed objectives for each project. Within the digital world, everything is continuously evolving and this involves new measures and ideas to be able to maintain results in a changing environment. This is achieved through the emergence of new ideas. There is no exact technique that all users can apply to achieve specific results, so each project requires its own strategy and this in turn is what creates a constant evolution. That is why these guide us when deciding what to do, how to transmit it, where to transmit it, and how beneficial it is for the company. Remember that the algorithm is always changing so the techniques to implement will always change.

SEO is a tool within the world of digital marketing. Through this tool you can increase the visibility of web pages, this is achieved by positioning them in search engines. The more views a business can produce, the more successful it will be or not. Therefore, SEO can be a fundamental factor in companies that want to emerge.

It is known as the way to optimize search engines. It is a mechanism that websites use, to achieve a higher range of reach, views, and performance. Content creators implement this mechanism in order to improve the views of their sites. This allows them to better position their sites and all in a proper way, without advertising or links to redirect, this would take care of a copywriter and is the part of Marketing although they work closely with content writers. These techniques are mainly used with the content within the page and how it can be optimized so that Google considers it more pleasing to the public, to the point of wanting to put it in the first list.

SEO is an abbreviation of Search, Engine Optimization (search engine optimization). SEO makes it possible to obtain better results in search engines. Through this, you reach a wider audience by using keywords.

To improve SEO there are some recommendations that can help you: You must take into account the purpose for which a person makes a search, so you can get keywords. You must classify the keywords by level, taking into account which are the most top and the least frequent. Always try to improve the CTR. Have a good presentation on your page to make it more attractive and don’t forget to keep the content updated. Interacting with your visitors creates a good connection so you can know what things to keep in mind when modifying or improving the information. In addition to this it is important to keep writing tags, a thorough search of what people like and try to create content that calls many customers so that traffic to the page is higher, and in case you want to sell, increase sales.

Through SEO the experience that a user can have on a website can be more interesting thanks to search engines. The links that users insert in their pages decrease the work for web search engines moving from one page to another. This simplifies exploring the various sites in depth and indexing more information. For search engines, keywords are valuable information to pass between websites. So SEO plays its role in optimizing all this information so that users can find the website more accurately.

Knowing what our goal is will help us to better hire a group of professionals who will be in charge of helping us to follow the best path. Within the digital world you will find many offers, so it is important to investigate before contacting a service. You should consult, prices, services and how much experience they have. There has to be good communication and feel that you are in good sync with the producers, being so. you may already have the best service. An important part of this work is to see if they have reviews available, either from friends, acquaintances, or on their website. This will give us an idea of what will come next. One or two negative reviews are normal, but when they review all three we should let it go and keep looking until we find the one that best suits us.

When it comes to marketing, we are fully qualified, because we have all the experience and knowledge that is needed to make your business achieve the necessary results. From how to apply SEO, social media management, content writing, search engine optimization, among other things that will surely allow you to achieve your goals in a short time. We keep ourselves updated because we know that the digital marketing world is constantly changing and it is important to keep up with it.

Yes. Each client contacts our professionals in order to receive instructions on how to approach strategies in order to meet the objectives. Depending on what are the needs of your project solutions will be provided. We will show you different points of view so you can have a better picture of what you want to achieve, you will feel part of the team and it will be very easy to understand our vision that together with your ideas, your business or service will be able to reach the desired level.

Of course, this is a fundamental part of the process. Since it is the one who is in charge of the creation, plans and execution of the marketing plan established by the business or venture. This is in charge of the general branding of the company, which is equivalent to taking care of the main image and, if necessary, creating a new image for the brand. In addition to attracting customers based on campaigns or other methods.
If you need a digital marketing consultant or manager, remember that we have the best professionals in the area. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need a professional and well done job. We have your back!

There is nothing to be afraid of, the problem could be that you are on the wrong social networks. Although the basic and most influential ones are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, there are multiple options you can try or one of them you are not on. Even if you think it’s a lie, you should analyze the starting point of your business to understand which social network is the best for your business. This will take away your doubts and you will be able to focus on the social network that gives you the most benefits, because it is no use if you are in all of them and you can only attend them halfway. Expand only enough, and go little by little. Perfect your technique in one social network, and if the other also works for you, then you can take the leap.

Of course, and SEM is a boost for your website to move forward, but it still needs good SEO strategies because if you do not offer anything interesting, they will stop visiting it. SEM campaigns are quite useful to get new visits and even more constant traffic. Therefore, if you have a good SEO strategy and add a SEM campaign, it will be a winning combination.
So now you know what to do, don’t neglect your SEO strategy but don’t leave SEM strategies behind either. In the long run you will increase traffic and clicks on your page, which can go straight to your pocket.

It’s no lie that Google’s organic search engines tend not to rank content that is copied from other sites. If you are going to hire a service that fills your website with content, make sure you use some sites that check for copied text from other sites regardless of the language. Most of them are free but quite advantageous.
If you are in charge of product definitions, make sure you don’t use the same content over and over again. You may fall into the mistake of Google taking you as a copy and not seeing anything interesting on your page that is relevant enough to rank. If you need the same content, make sure you only use 20% of it and that the rest is original.

Although it is a very generalized question, what you should pay depends on what the website or your business is. Therefore, there is a formula that can help you get your ideal budget for the digital marketing specialist you need. This is from taking the profit out of your day to day, calculating the revenue from each sale you make.

If you are going to hire an American company to create your content and take care of promoting it, you must be very careful and delicate when choosing, as you can encounter multiple scams that are seen at very low prices. That you will take for cheap, and it will end up coming out very expensive to your website. You have to keep in mind that an SEO company will never charge you less than $100 for a plan, or less than $40 per hour. Even if it’s just writing an article, you should be careful with the offers you accept.
Usually SEO plans can range from $100 to $300 depending on what your website needs and the service to be used. Of course, you should also keep in mind that it depends a lot on the growth of your business. If you are just starting out and need a little extra push, it will not be the same as having a 20 year empire and having to invest a lot more to make everything work to perfection.
But if you have had a bad run and bad strategies on the website for a long time, you will have to invest a little bit more to recover everything that was done before applying a good service. We mention this because there are some things to consider before hiring a good service.

Of course we can! We will take care of everything your website needs. Clearly starting with security, because depending on the system you have set up you may have multiple bugs on top of it. In addition to taking care of your website, we will take care of campaigns and manage the digital marketing of your social networks. We work hand in hand with programmers and graphic designers who can adapt to what your website needs and also with website finance, plus of course, as we already mentioned, marketing. Don’t have a website? We create it ourselves! And in the process we advise you on what we are doing.

Keep in mind that in SEO nothing is exact, it’s not like mathematics. There may be approximations but we could not give an exact figure. This will depend on the article, the topic, the amount of searches, etc. There is no ideal number of keywords, besides, if your text is 700 words long and you want to fill it with 100 keywords, Google will probably decide to ban you or simply not take you into account because you are not following the right algorithm. Therefore, you have to write naturally and make the ones you can use strategically so that they catch Google’s attention. One way to do it is to include it constantly in the paragraphs without abusing, clearly in the title they have to go, and in the small subtitles throughout the article if it merits it.

If we start thinking about a goal to take in this area, we need not only focus on the number of people who will enter our website daily. If not, in all the benefits that will be immersed in the marketing area, and that the amount of user traffic is perfect for your business to thrive. Since, although the optimization goes up with each person, nothing could assure you that they will actually buy something from your company. Therefore, focus 50% on the traffic it generates and 50% on the profits you are seeing in the long run by implementing SEO.

Although the two come from the same branch, it is important to know that they differ in multiple things. First of all, online SEO is in charge of making the content relevant or eye-catching. In other words, that the content or what is your page is compatible with Google’s organic search engines so that there is greater optimization. This is mostly seen in the written content, as well as the keywords, the speed with which the page interface opens, the reviews left by the user, among many other things that can also be reflected in the URL. Have you noticed that some pages look better on the computer than on your phone? These problems should be taken care of by online SEO strategy. While offline SEO takes care of the technical part, such as the coding of the page, what happens on the outside, social media campaigns to attract traffic to the website, advertising, among many other things. Both are necessary at the same time to create a good SEO strategy. All these things add up for a website to work properly and be a reliable source for internet users.

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