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July 13, 2024


Elettro: Where Creativity Meets Technology.

Full Service Marketing, Graphics, Video, Social Media, Printing, Project Management, Promotional Products, Web Dev, Paid Media, XR / AR / VR Dev, Name Badges, Janitorial Supplies, Print-on-Demand, Apparel, Live Band Entertainment Shows, Sand Scuptures. 

Explore our curated collection of top-tier products and services providers that we partner with to bring decades of experience and a well-rounded collection of complimentary products and services, meticulously crafted with our signature blend of creativity and technical expertise.

Marketing Services

Videography in Marketing

2 Time Emmy Winning Producer

Looking for top level professsional, experienced video production?  Full process video production. 
Have a need for video? Start your discussion with us as early in the process as possible.  
Capturing a live event or conference? Commercial shoot? Podcast? Ultra high resolution needs? Underwater? In the sky? Long fort, short form, social content.


Graphic Design in Marketing

Award winning boundless art styles available

At our agency, we’ve mastered the latest tools and technologies that empower us to create stunning, world-class graphics. 
Need to reimagine a brand? Produce a beautiful brochure or tourism magazine? Wrap a Wall or Vehicle? We can help.

Website Production in Marketing

Website, Content Management Systems, Records Database, Integration

Experience Excellence in Website Production with Over 20 Years of Expertise. Our seasoned team specializes in crafting dynamic websites tailored to your unique needs, regardless of scale or complexity. From small businesses to enterprise-level solutions, we cater to a diverse clientele including businesses, universities, cities, and counties. Whether you’re looking for a sleek online presence or a robust e-commerce platform, we deliver unparalleled quality and scalability to ensure your digital success. We produce mobile, oculus, XR, AR, VR, Magic Leap implementations as well. 

  • Do you need a new site, or a new vendor for a currently active website? 
  • Contact us, let’s discuss your next project

Print in Marketing

Small to enterprise scale digital and offset printing

 Our local custom printing partner locations in-house services

  • Pompano Beach, FL (Open since 1973)
    • Full service print small to large clients
      • Newsletters/Brochures/Magazines
      • Custom Apparel, Drinkware
  • Doral, FL (Open since 1985)
    • 3 acre industrial printing facility next to Miami
    • Enterprise / Large quantity printing
    • Minority Owned
    • State-of-the-Art Prepress
    • Digital Printing
    • Sheet-Fed Printing
    • Mailing & Fulfillment
    • Full Service Bindary
    • Web Offset Printing
    • Superior Color Lithography
    • Well equipped to meet your printing needs.
      • Catalogs / Magazines
      • Booklets / Brochures
      • Inserts / Direct Mail

Characteristics of our Xerox Color 1000i Press:

  • Maximum sheet size of 13” X 19” and thickness of 16pt
  • Variable data and imaging
  • Inline folding, trimming and traditional or square back saddle stitching
  • Inline hole punch (2 or 3 holes)
  • Prints on a wide variety of paper stocks such as Polyesters,
  • Classic Linen, Adhesive, Magnet and much more.
  • Ideal for: short run booklets, brochures, direct mailers, postcards and pamphlets


  • Bonita Springs, FL (Open since 1980)
    • Utility bill printing
    • Direct Mail 
    • Political Direct Mail
    • Vote by Mail Ballot Fulfillment

PP EquipmentList

Project Management in Marketing

Leading teams of people from all walks of life with efficiency and 

Elevate Your Projects with World-Class Management Expertise Infused with Agile and Waterfall Methodologies. With over 20 years of marketing project management under our belt, our seasoned team excels in seamlessly blending Agile and Waterfall approaches to suit your project’s unique needs. Leveraging a diverse range of task and project management tools, we ensure precision execution and delivery, no matter the complexity. From small-scale tasks to large-scale initiatives, we navigate every project with finesse, driving tangible results and exceeding expectations at every turn.

  • Start a conversation with us about your projects

Photography in Marketing

Super Power Potential in Still Visuals

Featured Photographer:
Stephen Marley’s tour photographer / videographer
(fluent English/Spanish)

Business, Government, Travel, University, Airports, Cities, Counties.

  • Studio Shot
  • Step and Repeat event / Conference photography
  • Run and gun event photography
  • Let us know what you need and we’ll work together on smartest way to acheive the goal. 

SEO in Marketing   

Search is where it all starts. Dominate the top of the funnel.

Businesses, Cities, Counties, Universities, Schools, Airports

We work with you to help improve your processes that in turn create a higher tragectory for rank growth.  

We are your premier destination for high-quality, white hat SEO services tailored to enhance your search rankings in both local and general searches. Whether you’re a business aiming to dominate your local market, a city seeking to boost tourism, a university striving for greater online visibility, a school attracting prospective students, or an airport catering to travelers, our expertise ensures your digital presence shines. With a focus on ethical strategies and proven techniques, we elevate your online visibility, driving organic traffic and fostering sustained growth for your institution or enterprise.

Social Media done efficiently  

Research, branding, strategy, content production, scheduling, listening, ad buying, and influencers

We share an extensive background in social media content production, scheduling, campaign strategy, Influencer negotiations, and managing paid media spends, we bring a wealth of expertise to every aspect of your digital presence. From crafting compelling content to strategic campaign planning and optimization, our team is dedicated to maximizing your brand’s impact and engagement across all social media platforms.  

  • Project Management
  • Content Production
    • Video / Graphics / Audio / Music / Writing / Branding
  • Strategy
  • Scheduling
  • Digital Advertising Management 
  • Influencer Agency Partnerships

Elettro Social Example v1

TahitiCora Instagram Example v1

Rosenberg Instagram Example v1


Savvy Digital Ad Buying Team and KPI Dashboard  

When its time to spend money on advertising do it wisely 

Since 2018 our paid media partner has help clients plan, implement, and execute paid marketing strategies while providing robust and easy-to-comprehend measurement analytics tapping into our in-house technology.

  • Digital ad buying.
  • Custom results dashboard.
  • Track conversions KPIs.
  • Able to scale up spend.
  • Custom audience development. 

Shopify eCommerce in Marketing   

You made the world aware of your brand and now they are ready to buy

Our eCommerce is guided by simplicity for the customer.

Make sure you make eCommerce simple, clean, and secure. 

What we do:  

  • Kick off catalog planning and product organization planning
  • Store infrastructure Setup
  • Adding catagories & products to store
  • Implementing customizations
  • Featured Integrations
    • Facebook/Instagram Shop
    • YouTube Shop
    • Etsy / Ebay
    • Core Connections to Google
  • Transparent access to all data/financial flows
  • Maintenance / SEO 
  • Mock-ups / Product promo video shorts for social
  • Setup Google Ad Campaigns

Visit Stashbox.AI our own PRINT-ON-DEMAND shopify story with over 500 unique items. All items in this type of store are zero-inventory.  All of the order printing and shipping is fully automated.  

Official Magic Leap Reseller

The most immersive Enterprise AR Device

Built for work. Designed for comfort.  Created without constraints.

Magic Leap 2 is an Augmented Reality (AR) headset that is as light as a regular pair of over-the-ear headphones. It’s different than Virtual Reality (VR) because you are not fully immersed in a virtual world. You have full awareness of the world around you and digital objects are overlaid through the glasses in high resolution.

Are you looking for a solution that utilizes Magic Leap glasses? Contact us to help lead the project.

  • Magic Leap
    • Remote Viewing- You see what I see 
      • level 1 engineer is on-site wearing the glasses, looking at something.
      • level 5 engineer is watching remotely and annotating on the real life view of the level 1 engineer enabling high detail remote explaining.
    • Healthcare – Patient Care & Treatment
      • Using Magic Leap AR, healthcare professionals assess patients and improve patient care with real-time data and 3D anatomy models, virtual dashboards and contextual information without having to juggle multiple devices. The ability to visualize 3D patient information helps to improve diagnosis, treatment and patient outcomes.
    • Public Sector – Hands-on Training Simulations
      • Magic Leap can simulate real-world scenarios and provide employees with hands-on training experiences without the need for physical equipment or risking actual consequences. You can overlay virtual components on to physical machinery, allowing employees to practice operating and troubleshooting complex equipment. These simulated training scenarios in Magic Leap can help employees gain practical skills, boost confidence and reduce training time.
    • Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) – On-Site Construction and Guidance
      • Provide on-site workers with real-time instructions, visual markers and safety information to improve accuracy, efficiency and worker productivity. During construction, Magic Leap AR guides worker decision-making by visualizing overlaid 3D models and documentation on to physical spaces, facilitating clash detection, improving coordination and reducing rework.

Web 3.0 Immersive World Dev

If you are looking at this you are looking for futuristic, next level immersive world dev

Embark on a journey of unparalleled brand engagement with our cutting-edge services in XR/AR/VR enterprise development. We specialize in creating immersive experiences that transcend reality, leveraging the latest technologies to propel your brand into the future.

Whether it’s crafting interactive augmented reality campaigns, training, developing captivating virtual reality simulations, or pioneering innovative solutions, we redefine the boundaries of possibility.

Elevate your brand to new heights and captivate your audience like never before with our next-level solutions for immersive brand experiences.

Live Music at Events

Amazing Local Musicians Who Provide a Great Roots Show

Contact RE: Bookings
Stashbox live band

  • Classic Reggae Tribute Show
  • Bob Dylan Tribute Show
  • Mixed Reggae / Classic Rock Show

Embodies the essence of timeless musical brilliance with their Classic Jamaican Reggae Tribute Show and Bob Dylan Tribute Show or mix show.  They deliver a captivating experience that transcends generations and captivates audiences of all backgrounds. Their roots music repertoire resonates deeply with a diverse audience, evoking universal emotions and garnering widespread admiration. Stashbox’s performances are a celebration of musical heritage, uniting listeners in a shared love for the rich tapestry of sounds that define their genre-defying artistry.  Never know if a Reggae legend sits in 

Event Sand Art at Marketing Events

#1 South Florida sand artist / sculpturist / painter

A true artist who for as long as we’ve known him has never disappointed the customer.  No matter what the weather or health conditions have been, there has been 100% follow through on delivering the job.  There is a long line fortune 500 references that will tell you positive notes about their experience.  Sand art is fun and viral, people love to snap a photo and share.  Tap into the digital marketing aspects from this blessed service.

See Examples

We love designing wraps 

Ultra wide and tall graphics that blend seemlessly

Unique bespoke art for a location is one of our most passionate opportunities we feel like we’re on the cutting edge of providing graphically.   If you look at our YouTube channel @PianoMusicSoothing you can see many different artstyles with ultra wide seemless art. 

See Ultra Wide4 Art Examples on YouTube

Online Store Concession Management

Elettro has been at the forefront of producing and distributing tourism merchandise online, as well as supporting physical store sales. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Elettro seamlessly blends digital and in-person retail experiences, ensuring travelers have merch they are excited to wear for the next 10-20 years. 

Featured Tourism Design Examples


Featuring 2 time Emmy winning producer, Chad Specter


Supplies in Municipal, Universities, Offices, Airports, GSA Gov

Our partner SWChemCo has been an expert in this business since 1950! We are always happy to setup a conference call to discuss the detailed differences between toilet paper or paper towel options.  The knowledge of the product is 2nd to none.  Speak with us about evaluating if you are effciently buying all of your supplies.  

Latest Types of Products Quoted

  • Air Freshers for City Buses
  • Janitorial Cleaning Supplies
  • Toliet Tissue Paper
  • Paper towels
  • Detergent, Liquid, Degreaser
  • Detergent, Laundy
  • Single-Fold Towel
  • Compact Coreless Bath Tissue
  • Grocery Bags
  • Premium Toliet Seat Covers
  • Bleach
  • Brooms
  • Pails
  • Deck Brush
  • Dust Mop Head
  • Wet Mop Head
  • Purell Hand Sanitizer
  • Finish Wax / Floor
  • Disinfectant Spray
  • Mr. Clean Sponge
  • Urinal Screens
  • Wipes, Disinfectant
  • Chipco – Ant Killer
  • Office Supplies
  • Furniture
  • Hardware Supplies


> Well equipt to meet your supplies needs 


Name Badges, Lanyards, Promotional Products  

Enterprise scale Name badges, Signs, Promotional Products

 Locally based global headquarters 

  • Plantation, FL (In business for 16 years)
    • Custom Name Badges
    • Lanyards, Id Badges, Signs
    • High volume production shop
    • Promo Products

South Florida Custom Apparel Printing  

Elettro Local Print-on-Demand print shop setup for apparel and rounded surface drinkware printing.  

Request a quote small to enterprise large volumes. 

 Local production

  • Pompano Beach, FL
    • Custom Apparel 
    • Sports Jerseys
    • Drinkware
    • Print Shop 

High Volume Promotional Products  

Great prices, logistics, experience and quality. 

 Our global company’s local headquartered custom printing location

  • Plantation, FL
    • Custom Name Badges
    • Lanyards, Id Badges, Signs
    • High volume production shop
    • Promo Products

Hardware & Software Experts

Featured Vendors we provide volume purchase discounts and pricing.  Contact us today with your needs.

  • Apple
  • AWS
  • Cisco
  • Cohesity
  • Dell Technologies
  • Fortinet
  • Google
  • Hitachi Vantara
  • HP
  • HPE
  • IBM
  • Intel
  • Jabra
  • LenovoLogitech
  • Magic Leap
  • Microsoft
  • N-able
  • Red Hat
  • Ricoh
  • Samsung
  • SAS
  • Trend Micro
  • Veritas
  • Verizon
  • VMware
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Our Print on Demand Merch Store 500+ Products

Products Also at, Etsy, and Ebay

Need professional assistance? Call our experts at (310) 408-6687

No matter the location, the internet has connected people together more than ever before. And with the right solutions and professional marketing services, your business can connect with potential customers and audiences easier, faster, and more efficiently than ever before. 

By working with Elettro you don’t have to worry ever again about the right strategy, how to execute it, and about your success. Our professionals have more than 10 years of knowledge and experience in all kinds of marketing fields and platforms. That is why you can rely on Elettro 100% to take your marketing to a new level without paying crazy amounts of money. As long as you have the desire for growth and expansion, we are here to help!

Unleash Your Business’s Potential with Our Tailored Website Solutions!

In today’s digital landscape, your website is more than just a virtual storefront – it’s your brand’s digital ambassador, the first impression that shapes customer perceptions. At Elettro, we specialize in crafting bespoke website design and development solutions for local businesses, ranging from small startups to medium-sized enterprises.

Unlock Your Story’s Potential with Our Emmy-Winning Videography!

Elettro specializes in crafting cinematic narratives that captivate audiences. From brand stories to event coverage, our expert team delivers unparalleled excellence in every frame. Elevate your brand’s storytelling and engage your audience with our award-winning videography services. Our lead producer is a 3 time Emmy award winning producer. 

Contact us today and let’s bring your vision to life!

Print Solutions since 1973

Low to high volume print production

  • Catalogs / Magazines
  • Booklets / Brochures
  • Inserts / Direct Mail
  • Utility Bills Print & Mail 

Consistently in business since 1950

Low to high volume janitorial and non-food restaurant supplies 

  • Latest Types of Products Quoted

    • Janitorial Cleaning Supplies
    • Toliet Tissue Paper
    • Paper towels
    • Detergent, Liquid, Degreaser
    • Detergent, Laundy
    • Single-Fold Towel
    • Compact Coreless Bath Tissue
    • Grocery Bags
    • To-Go  Plates / Cups / Napkins
    • Plastic Silverware
    • Premium Toliet Seat Covers
    • Bleach
    • Brooms
    • Pails
    • Deck Brush
    • Dust Mop Head
    • Wet Mop Head
    • Purell Hand Sanitizer
    • Finish Wax / Floor
    • Disinfectant Spray
    • Mr. Clean Sponge
    • Urinal Screens
    • Wipes, Disinfectant
    • Chipco – Ant Killer
    • Tampons
    • Office Supplies
    • Furniture
    • Hardware Supplies

Listen to what our clients say...

For more than 20 years, our experience and results speak about the professionalism and dedication of our services more than we can ever do. 

Listen to audio testimonies from some featured clients & business partners.

maxi priest

Maxi Priest

Multi-Grammy nominated international pop star business partner


tonychavez trc

Tony Chavez, TRCINC & US3

blue card logo

Blue Card Holocaust Surivor Charity

hip tahiti cora FLTv 1600x1067 v2

Tahiti Cora

predrag art

Vueport AR CEO

Metaverse AR mobile  app Hot Start Up Founder – Business Partner 15+ Years

bascom palmer eye institute logo vector

University of Miami, Bascom Palmer

What Our Clients Say About Elettro.

Our collaboration with Elettro was to develop a computerized 3D model eyeball and its extraocular muscles. The final product includes ocular anatomy, extraocular muscles physiology, demonstration binocular diplopia and finally how strabismus surgery is being done, allowing the physician to demonstrate the different type of procedures that can be done to help improve ocular misalignment. Elettro delivered a great product on time.

Charlotte Tibi
Leading Medical Research University

Google Analytics Specialist
Bing Ads Accredited Professional
Facebook Strategist
Google Reviews
Google Ads Specialist 2
Proven Expert 1

Why Elettro?


With a team in US and abroad, we can offer the best and most professional services at prices that can't be matched with the current markets in the USA. All of that, while delivering the world-class results!


No matter the time, day, or the problem, Elettro is more than happy to provide our clients ongoing support 24/7, the whole year. Yeah, we are you best Valentine, always!

Knowledge & Execution

Diversity is our favorite thing regarding innovation. With the right knowledge and professional experience we can deliver strategies and personalized solutions to reach maximum goals for your business.


From day one, until today, our main priority have always been our customers. Keep in mind that on every step, every project, every challenge, your success is our first priority!

Team Strength

Nothing good comes from working alone. That is why we have gathered a team of marketing specialists in order to deliver only the best and most successful results for our clients. At all times, without doubts.

Digital Marketing Agency in New York New Jersey



Project Managment



Building Websites

Search Engine Optimization 

Social Media

Shopify Online eCommerce


Print on Demand Store Setup

XR / VR / AR / Magic Leap

Paid Media



Live Band Tribute Shows

Brand In Sand  / Sand Sculpture

Voice overs


Enterprise IT Hardware

Software Licensing

IT Services

Janitorial Supplies 

Toilet Paper / Paper Towels

Branded Apparel / Merch

Custom Sports Jerseys

Promo Products

Customized Drinkware

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