Project Management

Excellent team leadership, savvy w/ web-based digital task management tools, award-winning leadership across programmers and artists

Website Production

Websites, Video, Audio, Photography, Branding, Sand Art, Music, Event, including Project Management

Social Media

Grow profile audiences and drive business results through engagement with people exposed to your brand.

Brand Management

Organizing growing pile of source files as time passes. Efficient brand management saves money, time and looks professional.

Video Production

Brand / band video editing ideal for use in social media, websites, and within sales presentations

Onsite SEO Fixing

We can fix your website or rebuild you a new website that is optimized for search. We figure out your competition, then crush them!

Link Building

We can improve your Domain Authority with our guest posting services.

Advertising & Marketing

Buying Search & Social Ads, producing print & physical promo Items, driving brand growth

Live Stream Production

Promote your brand & content on our Florida On TV (streams on 40+ channels live) or have us produce your Live Stream

Music Recording, Mixing, Mastering

We have ability to live record bands, fully mix and master any audio/music recordings with an amazing level of expertise. Very strong in this department


Coordinating sponsored events & brands with influencers to drive brand awareness at specific niches

Sand Art

Unique world-class sand sculptures & sand paintings, many fortune 500 brands clients

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We setup, maintain and optimize Google Web Tools for businesses

Get the most out of each corner of the multi-faceted collection of Google tools.  If your search presence is vital to your business, do all you can with the most popular Search Engine in North America.

We manage search advertising campaigns

Get serious with promoting your brand online. One of the most effective methods to create sales and expand your business’s exposure in specific targeted areas to specific targeted people or nation wide.  Buying the ads is one part of it, analyzing the ads is another key component.  Thats why having a web site developer that is familiar with setting up Google Web Tools and buying advertising is ideal situation.

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We Help Manage Your Social Media Profiles

Elettro can manage as much of your social media as you need and want, every brand is different.  When companies don’t have the bandwidth to get these vital marketing tasks done, businesses turn to Elettro.

Contact us to discuss.

We are the Social Media experts, we have been in Social Media since the beginning.

We work to make social media as easy and stress free as possible.

We create easiest method for our clients to provide us raw text, photos and videos that we can then turn into finished social profile content.  Smart-Process is important.

  • Full or part time service maintaining social profiles across key social networks
  • Manage scheduling and publishing posts.
  • Create social post graphics
  • Produce relevant branded social videos
  • Respond to post comments and messages

Proactive Actions

  • Like, comment and share on industry pages and groups
  • Setup Facebook group and grow its membership
  • Proactively acquire membership to industry groups and post within them via brand

Inexpensive 'Test Our PR' Offers to New Customers

Interested in growing your social profile audience size? Take steps to make that happen with us.

Our philosophy is, one way you do it is by getting your brand on pages bigger than your own. Unless you are connected to huge media outlets already and have this happening for you, you are most likely in the dark on how to do this or how to get momentum?

We help you gain access to influencers and the processes of obtaining more publicity via social media and the internet.

Test our social share network, get your content in the mix on these larger pages hitting new audiences, we make it affordable, low-risk and easy to start trying.


Goal: Maximize promotional dollars

Every brand and every campaign is different, with different demographics and different goals.

Work with Elettro to get the most exposure for your social promotions budget.

Begin a discussion with Elettro to begin your promotions today.

Services Elettro Excels At Providing

  • Project Management – Excellent team leadership, savvy with web based digital task management tools, award-winning team leadership across programmers & artists.

  • Elettro Production – Websites, Video, Audio, Photography, Branding, Sand Art, Music, and Project Management

  • Brand Marketing – Buying Search & Social Ads, Producing Print & Physical Promo Items, working with social influencers to help brands reach marketing goals.

  • Social Media Management – We maintain and grow social media profiles.

  • Sponsorship – Coordinating Sponsored Event and Brand / PR Relationships

  • Sand Art – Unique world class Sand Sculptures & Sand Paintings

  • Live Stream Production – Elettro is great at producing on the fly live streaming shows & how to stream across over 40+ Facebook pages at one time via Florida On TV branded shows.

  • Music Recording, Mixing, Mastering – Bands / artists / commercial needs for music of all genres contact


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Call us: 310.408.6687 EST

Location: South Florida


  • Two Webby Honoree Awards
  • ProMax Marketing Award
  • CTAM Award