We need to add Elettro as an official agency working with your page here are the steps.

Go here


Click Accounts > Pages > Select your page

Then click Assign Partners

IF IT DOESN’T LOOK LIKE THAT, BUT LOOKS LIKE THIS ……then you need to find which one of those business accounts houses your Facebook page, and then you will see the page above once you click into and choose one of those below.


OR IF YOU SEE THIS — THIS MEANS YOU HAVEN’T CREATED A BUSINESS PROFILE YET and YOU NEED TO so click CREATE in the upper right corner and you need to add your page to the profile.  Then you will see the page above.




Then after you click Assign Partners, you get this pop up

Select Business ID

You then Arrive here at this form.
Put the following numbers : 10153281744865681

in the Partner Business ID blank.

Then before you save, you need to tick the on/off lever at these 2 spots.

#1 View Earning Insights

#2 Manage Page

Tick those two on/off switches, and then SAVE


And then thats it, then send me a message and let me know that you completed it.  THANKS!!