You contacted us about social media, but really today the most important thing is getting your website set up correctly, and making moves on and off your website that you maximize your existence on Google Local Search, Google Search.  Thats where people go when they are SEARCHING for a lawyer.  When they are in a transactional mode to acquire a lawyer.  We will support your website with posts on social media and expansion of content on your website.  All with the greater goal of growing your website Domain Authority for as many different relevant keywords as possible.



What makes us unique is we have an exclusive staff writer that is a legal academic, John Holtz, he’s had his license to practice law since 1985 (he is currently inactive & unaffiliated), he’s renown in California for teaching California Bar Exam written portion review for over a decade and he is a killer writer with strong depth of know with legal writing.  He is an excellent writer.

Below is your initial evaluation that helps us understand your position in the competitive landscape of search results and from that research our recommendation is a 3 to 6 month phase one.

We would like to offer you a 3 to 6 month term of phase I, minimum is 3 months to get your presence cleaned up and to begin to build the attack for a page 1 ranking on winnable keywords.

John is a long time client turn friend who is willing to explore the role of assisting us with some copywriting within this project, its a dabbling attempt of him doing writing for these types of services with me, so who is normally typical USA consultant rates of a legit lawyer, he’s going to slum it for us and we are going to try and squeeze some great content out of him for dirt cheap. (the backstory on why/how we have this ideal  lawyer for so cheap).

TIMEFRAME – 3 to 6 Month Phase One

The longer the phase the more keywords we will be able to compete with as well as more time to enrich the website.  After phase one, we can discuss the details of the next steps plan of attack and discuss the relevant budgets for phase two which includes primary backlink building and guest posts out on the web exterior from your own website to really work directly on building your domain authority.

BUDGET – Phase One – $1,500/month budget 

Elettro will operate at a blended rate across all the various services.   Elettro also spends hundreds of dollars a month for multiple analysis tools that we use at no additional expense to you.



We respect a company’s right to privacy, we are respectful with your content, information, user ID/Passwords that we possess access to in order to do what we need to do.

Scope of what we would assist you with in phase one:


1 – Rebuild Website – Specifically, we will completely rebuild your website in a more best practices way for search as well as actual human users.  We will extend its content to cover more keywords of various legal services that you represent. We will work with you on content development.  We will get some assistance in this process from John Holtz to assist us with the text based content development (an actual legal academic/lawyer/professional writer).

2 – Keyword Research – We will perform a more in-depth analysis of keywords, after we discuss with you, ideal words you would like to begin to appear in search for.

3 – Competitor Analysis – We have great tools to see what your competitors are doing and where they are doing it so we can match them, and do more, with the goal of being the one who is the authority on topics, therefore more likely to be listed higher in search (or at all).

4 – SOCIAL MEDIA 15 Posts / Month in Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google My Business, Twitter 4 more Social Media that works for Law Firm.
—– This means we will write the text, select/create the visuals stills and videos.

5 – Content Gap (Services of Law Firm) – We find where it makes sense to expand the amount of text you have on various pages on various topics, we will need you all to provide copy for some of these sections that have legal sensitivities.

6 – 50 Local Citations / Month — This means after we do our competitive analysis of your top local competitors, we will be able to see where they have profiles and content on social media maps and directories around the web. This way we know where to match them, and put MORE content then your competitors. EXAMPLES: (https://www.ted.com/profiles/21983669 or http://www.authorstream.com/Aio13travel)

7 – 50 Social profiles creation / month – there is a secondary tier of social media websites that we can use to establish free profile and link back to your website. (3 months only)

7 – 3 Guest Posts on websites with Domain Authority of 20 or higher.

8 – 8 Blog articles of 400-700 words or more. (some will be written by exclusive Legal Academic, John Holtz).

9 – Google My Business Page Optimization – Currently you have many potential favorable updates to your Google My Business presence to focus on your search ranking on Google Map.  This involves content on your website, how your contact information is presented around the web

10 – Google Ads – OPTIONAL – if you wish to run an ad campaign, we can set that up for you tapping into smart usage of the Google Ad Buying Platform.

11 – Bing Ads – OPTIONAL – if you wish to run an ad campaign, we can set that up for you tapping into smart usage of the Google Ad Buying Platform.

12 – Video edits – We can discuss what video content you have to possibly use in promo videos.

13 – LIVE STREAM on Facebook – we can stream pre-recorded promotional materials in the LIVE STREAM FORMAT.  By live streaming (even pre-recorded things) Facebook shares your page with different channels of new audience.


  • Raise your website’s Domain Authority. Its 16 and only improved by 1 this last year.
  • Reduce and eliminate the content gap between your website and your competitors websites – have more content on important topics/keywords
  • Grow the amount of web directories and social media websites that you have an account with profile info THAT LINKS BACK TO YOUR WEBSITE
  • Grow the amount of content that exists around your brand on your website and within social media.
  • Build up your social media profiles (Not just Facebook/Instagram, but a wider collection of social media profiles


  • The effects are not overnight, it takes months and months for results to evolve into taking affect, we do not control Google so we focus on doing our best for you.
  • Any SEO ‘agency’ who “promises” much more than that is lying to you and setting up expectation that will fail to be met.



Dean Palermo – Lead Producer / Account Lead
Webby award winning interactive producer.   Has been involved in social media since the beginning at the agency level.

Don Q. – Lead SEO expert and website developer

Passionate about SEO excellence and execution, our mad scientist.

John Holtz – Inactive/Nonaffiliated Legal Academic.

John has been a pillar in the California Bar prep community offering a leading Written portion of the California Bar Exam teacher.  John tours California annual around the bar exam schedule teaching students at many University law schools around California.  John is a professional writing teacher and he will be involved in some of the written content needed to be created by our team.  His esteemed presence is a great opportunity.

Le Tham – powerful programmer
Super customization programmer for when we need to build complex custom, PHP, CSS within your website.


Domain Authority – 16  (based on MOZ Report)

(1 year only grown 2 points) Low number massive room for improvement
This is a huge part of how google chooses to rank you in comparison with your competitor websites.  Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). A Domain Authority score ranges from one to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank.

Referring Domains: 52  (based on Ahref Report)

This is paramount to your success in the eyes of google and how you fair against your competition.

BackLinks: 459 (Based on Ahref)

We can make a plan to go after backlinks, and grow this critical number.  Not all backlinks are equal, all websites have their own domain authority scores, the higher that score is for the site generating the backlink, the more beneficial that backlink is for you to have exist.

Organic Keywords: 41 Keywords (based on Ahref)

These are mostly your company and your surnames.  This means

Website – (Website Health report based on SEMRUSH)

Website Health is good – a couple of simple problems that can be fixed quickly.
We need to remove
Some Basic Errors
5 pages with duplicate descriptions
4 pages with too much tech in title tags
Website has no homepage but an enter screen – Must remove this
Website doesn’t have the things that assist and support your Google My Business presence.

Google My Business Audit

  • This is not optimized.
  • There is a lot of work to drastically improve this and your ranking on map
  • You need more reviews


Local Citations

This is listings / profiles at various social networks and directories out there.


We have made a local citation audit, you have 34 local citations out of 100.  You have 14 correct citations and 21 not found.


This is a straight up speed test, you have a 15, we have simple wordpress hosting that hits a significantly improved score.

OUR GOAL RANGE WITH OUR HOSTING IS A 80-100 SCORE, we use wordpress specialized hosting with our own custom settings that optimize page load speed. 

Audit of Competitors
Keyword list analysis
The goal is to UNRANK your competitors by seeing what they do