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Budget: $450/month (New Client Introductory rate at 50% discount) —  (VALUE $1500-$4000 – Ask Nadja how much Joanna Krupa’s page costs to post on!


Activate the Elettro Facebook Page Network


We have a collection of Facebook pages we own and/or partner with that allow us to include their page on sponsorship deals like this, which gives them some money and gets you access to their audience.

  • Means we can stream live (simultaneously) on 40-65 Facebook pages at one time (100% LEGALLY WITH FACEBOOK TOOLS – IS NOT ANY FORM OF CHEAT or SPAM), then after the live stream on most of those pages the video will stay there indefinitely on the page as a VIDEO, that can continue to be viewed, shared, engaged.
    • So if we did 1 live stream a week for 4 months.  That is 16 live streams total, if we did those 16 live streams on approximately 40 Facebook pages, thats at least 640 videos living on Facebook funneling people back to your page.
  • Instead of the live stream being on only 1 page, your page of 4,000 likes/followers…you can be going live on approximately 40-55 pages at one time obviously dramatically increasing the #s and views.
Story Posts on Large Pages


INCLUDES TAHITI CORA 2.4 MILLION LIKES PAGE will increase traffic results exponentially.

Project Timeframe: 4 Months – Remainder of 2020
    • We own and have advertising partners to where when we stream live, we stream live on 38 – 60 Facebook Fan pages we work with. The benefit is exponentially larger numbers of traffic and views due to the fact you are presenting your content to 40x to 60x the amount of pages versus just your own, Secondly most of these pages are larger then your page as well, putting your brand in front of more people.
    • AFTER LIVE STREAM VIDEO – Once stream is done, the stream becomes a video on ALL of those 38-60 pages.So let’s say we streamed live 4 times in 1 month on 50 pages each time then there would be 200 Videos on Facebook across 50 pages that people will see and be exposed to indefinitely.    My last live stream concert on the network had as high as 165 people watching the stream and had over 17,000 views and now probably a few thousand more views since then.
    • Massive increase in content on facebook for people to spend more time consuming on your facebook page, as well as stunningly beautiful tropical (promotioinal) footage that people will literally share around organically because its “THAT TYPE” of content that is serene and peaceful which is what everybody on earth needs and craves a bit of these days, so lets do a better job of serving that content up to them.


    • Stream Live on 40+ Facebook Pages ranging from pages with up to 2.4 Million Likes on down.
    • After LIVE STREAM ends, the video stays in Video section of all the Facebook pages where it streamed in most cases indefinitely, continuing to earn views and have links back to your page for people to LIKE/FOLLOW.



Effects of this work: 

  • Grow Page Engagement & Likes – Goal to aim for is 10,000 likes where you can potentially get advertising revenue if you have larger traffic because you reached certain engagement and activity benchmarks.
  • Create more links to your YouTube Channel
  • Create more links back to your Facebook Page in more posts and content around Facebook.
  • Have hour long promo videos that are collections of your videos that you then can use these longer promo videos around your islands or for rebroadcast elsewhere.  These would be the videos that you could present on a Monitor at all of your store fronts where you can present videos or looped videos.