These are the items that stand out to us, that could be improved and respectfully made better.  Specific spots with wide room for improvement.

Basic Stats:

  1. Domain Authority Score: 2 – Very Low
  2. Links back to website: 7 – Very Few
  3. Domain Website Hosting Speed Score: 9 (out of 100) – SLOW


  • Domain Authority Score: 2 — this is uber low.  It makes sense that virtually zero traffic comes from Google.
  • Website general structure and flow – The website graphics and photos are beautiful, however there is room for improvement in terms of the structure and navigation.
  • PDFs are ignored by Search – The text does not help with SEO, in essence wasted excellent writing & and PDFs don’t convert with website language translators.
  • Structure Limits Growth – Being the way it is its very limiting in the process of adding articles and latest projects and news type content.
    • On my computer – entire first page is blank
    • On my iPhone – I cannot get past that button to click to enter the site.
  • Better Funnel – Driving people through the funnel to contact forms, more ways through more pages.
  • Website informationally – there is very little information for Google to understand where/why this site should show up on any keywords beyond KAP SYSTEMS.
    • You have information for HUMAN READERS, however you DO NOT have information that signals to GOOGLE/SEARCH.
    • You have ”Informational” data, we need to inject “NAVIGATIONAL” & “TRANSACTIONAL” data
  • Multi-lingual – You only have German & English, explore adding more core languages.
  • More article/blog website updates more frequently loaded with Search engine specific text.
  • Your Visuals are hidden away in those PDFS
  • More Video & Visuals flowing through website – Do you have Raw photos and video of your jobs at any places that you are allowed to use the content promotionally in promo content?
  • More job montage videos
  • Larger text descriptions, and more of them. (Meaning: more words)
  • .Systems – is BAD For RANKING Competitiviness
    • .de if germany only OR
    • .com if more then germany
    • So basically we recommend ditching KAP.SYSTEMS and going with something like I’m sure there is something we can find that serves you well.


  • KAP is pretty much non-existent on Social Media – this doesn’t look good when references go to ”Check You Out” after you were referred to them to evaluate if they choose to accept the reference given to them. Its very standard.


  • Google My Business – Optimize ALL of your Google My Business locations around the world, and pumping posts/content constantly onto your Google My Business profiles worldwide.
    • I cannot find you in Germany when I search for your business.
  • Do you have any other offices in other countries?

Website Hosting Speed Score 9 of 100


1. Create new leads
2. Help create an online presence that gives confidence to referrals vetting you and all prospective buyers/investors, guiding them toward transacting with you.

  • Create new traffic from Google.
  • Be on first page for a growing list of relevant keywords, and work our way to the first position on google.
  • Create AUTHORITY Perception when a referral is checking you out for themselves online, they gain confidence in your brand.
  • Your clients DO perform due diligence and vet their prospective investments like hawks these days.  A reference / referral is great, and these are the things that can make those referrals feel at ease to pull out that pocketbook and spend their money with you.
  • These tactics help when a referral tells somebody about your business, what is the first thing those people go and do, they size you up and create their judgement about you, they looking at your website and maybe your social media, and they don’t realize it but they may google you and they are sizing you up by how present you are within Google as well.

Reminder: Our SEO leader has been performing SEO for a New Jersey / New York City based Security Camera Sales company so they are very familiar with certain sectors of your business.  Perfect Experience.



  • Produce a new website optimized for SEO
    • Contemporary look and feel
    • Use latest cutting edge design tools
    • Responsive to mobile / pads / computer monitors

STEP #2 – Consider New Website Hosting to raise Speed Score

(Score is a 9 out of 100 as seen above)



Identify your competition for keywords

We research who you are up against and see what they are doing, then we go and do what they are doing and more making you the authority.


Content Gap

We attack the content gaps where your competition has 300 words on a topic, you will have 500, where they have 800 words on a topic you have 1200.  That type of thinking and strategy, we are aggressively competitive, we understand how to get data, use the data and make change.

Producing a flow of constant weekly articles / blog posts

Purposefully prepared with the goal of going after specific keywords we are competing for.


Create Backlinks

Links we will produce by coordinating (buying & bartering) guest posts / articles on websites that link back to your website from around the web – “Backlinks” we need to drastically seek websites that will allow our guest posts (Free AND paid opportunities) from the right websites with higher the AUTHORITY the better.  The amount of BackLinks is a major reason how Google determines your website’s DOMAIN AUTHORITY SCORE.


Buy Search Advertising – Optional

We are good at setup of search campaigns aiming for lowest COST PER CLICK Possible.  We don’t see any advertising helping you stand out where we know your best possible visitors are searching google.

BENEFIT: helps you gain data on WHO is clicking on WHAT keywords to get to your website.


Create Citations around the web

Room for big increase of existence in directories and maps around the world.


Setup Social Profiles

Setup branded profiles with links back to website all around the internet.



  • Google My Business – Optimize Google My Business locations (if you have more then 1 office).
    • OPTIMIZE your contact information listing(s) ALL AROUND THE INTERNET to have consistent contact information EVERYWHERE (that helps your google ranking – Called your NAP SCORE).
    • POSTS – We need to share your posts on your Google My Business profile – just like any other social network posting on Google My Business helps drive traffic.
    • Add some information to your website and possibly tweak some bio and contact information to display in-line/consistently EXACTLY how you have it on your Google My Business Profile
    • We need to access to your Google My Business to best represent you across multiple service genres, to list ALL your services.
    • Reviews



  • We are able to assist you with production of English language posts.  We could work with Nadja executing the posting of German posts at all key social media profiles Nadja is not posting that you would still like action posting at.


We would be buying guest blogs and advertising in many many lesser known brands to attain a larger amount of links as well. They don’t all have to be USA TODAY & NY Times or Der Spiegel.


Multiple Webby Award Nominations production team, we have produced countless websites, mobile apps, social media, video, audio, online and in-person events.  The leadership has been the same consistent team for many years, we’re not going anywhere.  We are used to multiple projects simultaneously across web, mobile, social media, physical products and locations.  We are organized, efficient and innovative.  Elettro has some client relationships 15+ years long, we try and be fair, proactively communicative, and work with intelligent people from all around the world.

Elettro has been a marketing support department for businesses since 1998.  Our ideal client relationship is a client with many things going on, we can then can hire and expand our office as needed to match the workload.  Elettro is a team of brilliant individuals that lead through production.  We have an amazing amount of collective experiences.  Our loyal leadership crew has been with me for years.

Our programmers are some of the most amazing people in terms of the level of complexity they can handle.

Elettro has been the USA agency that has produced all branded materials for all their USA based hotels, Roommate is a fast internationally growing collection of hip hotels around the world.  I wonder if you have ever crossed paths with them or presented your investment to the Roommate leadership?

We won Morgans Hotel Group a Webby award nomination for a mobile alert system I created, pitched, and produced for all of their hotels world wide.  IFC (AMC NETWORKS) garnered a Webby award nomination for the stunningly Flash animated online show Getting Away With Murder.

Elettro has been Roommate Hotels agency in the USA that produces all the USA hotel’s branded physical materials.  Roommate is a savvy Madrid, Spain headquartered Hotel chain that is rapidly growing internationally frequently in Spanish speaking areas.  Roommate has been an active client for the last 10 years.



We have the ability to pull in a sister agency in LA for LARGE SCALE production projects, where that agency is also backdoor tied into silicon valley funding, they have raised ..*I think like $45 Million I believe I’ve read, but I would need to double check the #s.  Its run by guys that I worked with for years in my earlier Los Angeles agency days who stayed there and mushroomed their company into what it is today out there.