Domain Authority: 35 (Very good)

GOOD THING: A lot of mentions of her name is serving her well.
HOW TO GROW YOUR AUTHORITY: Grow the amount of unique referring websites.

We manage coordinating, buying, bartering, production guest posts on websites out on the web to grow the amount of (Quality) unique websites are linking to your website.

WEBSITE HEALTH : Your site scores 78% – thats not bad at all! 

As defined as how optimized your site is in the eyes of the search engines.
The errors you have within the report are VERY easy to repair that would take maybe just a few simple hours. Nothing is too complex within the errors.
ISSUES: A few basic technical issues
SOLUTION: Have our crew pop into the backend of your website and resolve these issues, or — we can guide your tech person as to where to make the repairs – either way.


Issue: Low amount of referring websites.
Solution: Elettro can attain more guest blogs for you and steadily grow this number.
Action: Elettro would coordinate guest blogs around the web and increase the amount of unique websites that have at least 1 link back to your website.


Things we notice:

#1 only 1 review (A Mega Glowing Single 5.0 star review) so working on getting more reviews.




We recommend adding more categories,



We find directories and free websites every month and setup a profile to the fullest, and get that link back to your website. We do see that you have had some put in place but there is more spots where you can do more.  According to a report you have 70 citations where your competitors (for same keywords) have 167 citations.

Key Citation Score

This is based on the quantity and quality of your key citations. The more key citation sites you have listings on, and the more accurate and consistent they are, the better the Key Citation Score is.

CURRENT SITUATION: Lea has 20 of them, 17 of them are not found, 2 are corrects and 16 with NAP Errors.



You already have 20. We can add more. And if we want to get the local presence we need to get more than average number of the local competitors of her that have in average 167 Live Citations.

Citation Examples

WEBSITE SPEED SCORE – 3 out of 100 (Massive Room for Improvement!)

This is an analysis of how google would judge/rate your website.