Your Situation

You are a startup European based brand looking to exist and expand globally including North America with a boutique marketing production company helping represent the company in North America that can handle a very wide range of responsibilities and create a best practices foundation to build from at a reasonable budget.


The Project

This is not just a website production, this is an entire brand creation, from ground up.

Elettro will build the foundation for the brand Longenic, a world-class brand new and completely unique daily drinkable supplement produced by the brilliant doctor of dermatology expert, Dr. Schstephanie.  Elettro could be the marketing arm for Longenic, which means we will take the logo, colors, and any other style elements and direction that you finalize and create the foundation of the brand and take steps to grow the brand’s presence online.

Please note: Elettro organizes access to as many elements as possible to be based from Longenic controlled based accounts, this way if you find yourself interested to bring in contributors or for whatever reason choose to stop working with Elettro, you hold the highest level administrative rights to your assets.  We are a guest with access to your content and various accounts, not the other way around.  This is a subtle thing that gets lost in the weeds, and then when its time for a change is with so many vendors is where things can get nasty and messy.  So much of the work we are doing is building up a network of completely separate accounts and relationships via password protected accesses to various accounts, so when we build this way, you can be a little less stressed out about that type of activity in today’s digital world and professionalism.


THE GOAL:  Establish brand, create exposure, create sales and distribution growth.

Build marketing assets with your approved brand assets to grow marketing assets for brand in all the various formats of distribution in an organized manner.   Create and organize marketing assets to grow marketing assets for Longenic.

We will setup and establish all the social profiles and website at all key spots around the world we intend to create a presence.  So that means dial in all social media profiles, product website, setup all google elements necessary (including: Google Analytics, Google Ad Sense, Google My Business, Google Search Console, Google Products in Ad Sense, and a handful key google tools more).

SEO – to utilize SEO analysis tools to tweak the web presence in such a way that is optimized for best practice at code and surface level of website.

We will take the lead on producing Social Media content, which is frequently updated promotional elements required of any growing thriving brand.  Elettro will work with you all to support the online sales process through all growth phases.


Budget – Kick off Quarter – Mach Snel

3 Month agreement at $5000/month paid at the beginning of each month.

Estimated Initial Costs:
$20/month website hosting (if you use my server unless you want to pay more for a faster dedicated box).
Wordpress website theme license (its 6-12 months of support type of thing that you renew).  approx $50
Slider Software for your website – i think its $30 approx
And various other tools we need that sometimes have little fees for them, we will alert you with the situation of the expense, you will approve or disapprove the request of use of that tool.
Search Ads and Social Placement daily/monthly spending budget


– Up to 80 hours of my documented hours within the month.  Once 80 documented hours is reached, we will make alerts prior to hitting 80 hours, but at 80 hours you will then have the option to green light to continue moving forward by triggering the next month to start earlier or you can pause until the next month starts and we restart the clock.

This is a new start-up so really i will be working ALOT.  Creating progress on as many fronts as possible as quick as possible, leveraging my experience with developing brands these recent years.

In these first 3 months, my priorities / projects within Phase I – that I would begin and take as far as possible with my time spent.

Setup foundational elements:

— Website Presence Phase: I

— Setup online sales process/store

—- Establish the order fulfillment & returns process

— Social Profiles

— Possibly Amazon distribution

— Promotional materials

— Start setting up backend Google integration pieces to support analytics, advertising

— Search Advertising Ads — this is important – because it helps us see what keywords people are using who click on our ads and what they are searching when they buy our product.

— Analytics between Website & Search Ads

— Develop Social Media branded marketing content

— Establish Mailing List & Integrate it where possible

— Mailing List Email development and schedule emails

— Producing social video promos

— Produce advance content and schedule it.

— Coupon Coding / Affiliate Tracking development for affiliate sales.

— Marketing Materials Portal for marketing partners

— Figuring out Wholesale/Retail pricing

— Exploring possible marketing directions as we work to find smart marketing hooks.

— Looking for internet directories to list brand

— Review site profile setups

— Printable PDF — ONE SHEETS

— Business Development to go for store distribution.

— Initiate SEO production tasks a third party vendor i use will do to assist us in our pursuit to page 1 google listings.

— Working in tandem supporting Nadja’s PR efforts with any needed marketing materials or coordination.

Does not Include:

  • Any 3rd party software fees, hosting fees, stock image/video fees
  • Any ad buying funds or sponsorship grease dollars paid out to anybody
  • If I need to utilize any additional programmers or artists for anything, note: I wouldn’t authorize anybody to do work that you would be billed separately for, unless i ran it by you and you approved the work first.
  • Sometimes I ask my clients if they wish to chip in on some software purchases when I possibly could gain a tool that benefits all my clients, where by the get a discount or some free things done for the contribution.


PHASE II – Developing Branded Content & Engaging Prospects and Customers — Brand Growth

Phase out of initial setup mode and begin to enter more production of content and engagement with influencers, managing and refining digital advertising, and developing written/graphic/video content to continue expanding the network of nodes that have Longenic.  We’re still chasing initial followers, audience, and customers any way we can get them, we are beginning to analyze whats working and whats not as we begin to have advertising stats and info. Upgrading our advertising spends now our funnel for sales will be better established.

Elettro, a full service marketing partner, with boutique agency leader Dean Palermo leading the effort.  He can handle leading the marketing production efforts across many elements needed to be setup and maintained.

Some general areas of assistance Dean & Elettro bring expertise and leadership:

— Social Media maintenance & production
— Web Site Production
— eCommerce – website setup and order customer service representation
— Google Elements for brand setup including Analytics – key thing being working on the project frequently enough to have a continuity and knowledge of the analytics to make changes based on analytics. (That takes time and frequency).
— Graphics / branded Video production.
— Ad Buying, ad production and ad maintenance.
— Live STREAM show online production
— Marketing Partnership Network – Elettro Network (includes models, online Florida On TV, various music/band entertainment / influencer partners).
— Facebook Web of Social Profiles and partners.
— Amazon Setup and maintenance
—  Bus Dev seeking physical distribution and buyer relations with retail outlets in North America
— Search Engine Position growth actions — SEO production
— Branding
— Partnership with influencer negotiating
— Affiliate Marketing Setup enabling ways for influences to offer exclusive discounts that then can track sales to them.
— Retail store shelf maintenance marketing & acct maintenance leadership – once we acquire physical distribution.

A Mention of International
I have always worked with European partners and currently work with some other European workers of mine, I’m understanding of interacting with Germans and German time zone, I have a lot of experience with working with people internationally across Europe/Asia/Australian so that is something that isn’t foreign to me.

Note: We can use a nice translation tool on the website enabling very much most the text of the site be converted to Deutsch or whatever languages we want to offer, enabling ease of international use & reduces the need for folks like that german agency to have to do the website, but maybe plugin as the fulfillment team. Where i see possibly needing feed things directly to the german agency is the actual ecommerce in Euros part that goes int your German bank account etc etc.  But it also  maybe we determine it might be advantageous to possibly still prepare a basic presence and YOURDOMAIN.DE too for SEO reasons where its defaulted on German but has the translator element as well, something that probably would come up at the right time.

Something VERY unique, artistic and very catchy is our Sand Art.  We have literally South Florida’s #1 Sand Artist on staff – we’ve proudly have produced literally hundreds of sand art paintings and sculptures for fortune 500 brands who then use this content within their social marketing that people enjoy.  Beautiful South Florida Beach Art Branding.  Check out –



7 Big Reasons To Work With Elettro




Elettro has created countless websites, mobile apps, promotional products and social profiles for dozens of brands in their pursuits of growth.



We have stable roots, a strong foundation to build on.  We have been around for a long time, we have created many long term vendor client relationships.  We are established and expanding, and intend to be around for years to come, we tend to foster very long term relationships with our clients.



Dean Palermo from Elettro Incorporated is a diplomatic professional international people’s person, who is a sane level-headed family person interested in creating as much positive impact as possible.  Not a wild and crazy emotional rollercoaster where you never know what you are going to get.




Dean Palermo has been running Elettro for approx 20 years, he’s been in brand marketing production since he wason the 2003 film digital marketing team at Disney working on the web presence huge billion dollar films like The Incredibles, then winning awards for AMC Networks – including Webby Award nominations for IFC’s first Web Series content viewing portal.  (their early mini-netflix, we produced it).




Buying & monitoring ads, negotiating sponsorships, bartering trades, setting up analytics that help give additional understanding of public’s engagement with the ads.  Dean’s managed thousands of dollars spent on ads across multiple top ad buying networks.




Elettro is constantly experimenting with the bleeding edge of technology and is an early adapter to many technologies that are now huge, Dean Palermo has been in digital marketing since before My Space and has been a part of every single wave of the evolution of social media and digital technology production.



Elettro has alot of tricks of its sleeve in terms of working with influencers and getting the most out of those relationships utilizing the Elettro Promotional Network as leverage to offset and reduce influencer promotions costs, by our ability to offer exposure through our network as part of negotiations with influencers in our ‘Business development’ of getting them to do things with and for Longenic.  Social media requires of lot of favor asking, favor using, favor trading, greasing of the wheels.  We work on creating win win situations for influencers to make opportunities to work with Longenic as attractive as possible.  Organized. Professional.  And able to support with smart custom creative.



We really tried to break down what our best services and things we are passionate about producing,
Please visit to see what our wheel house is.



Our Website Examples


CBD/Supplement Online Product Sales


Consumer Retail Product 


Local Business

A friend owns this resort in the Keys and I was asked to improve their website, which i did, i also connected them with some google tools, a standout integration was my cleaning up their Google My Business profile to where i received a phone call a couple months after doing the job from the hotel owner he was freaking out, he figured out that since i made my adjustments to his presence on google he had a massive surge of 10s of thousands starting to search his hotel over the course of a month.  He was VERY pleased.
NASA Neurologists Branding & Setup
TRC – Technology Resource Center – CLIENT FOR 20 YEARS
Power Plant Engineer Staffing Firm




We have produced COUNTLESS websites, custom contests, launch promotions, and mobile apps for these feature film & TV comp0anies

    • AMC Networks / Rainbow Media
      • WE TV
      • IFC
    • Sony Pictures
    • FX Networks
    • Warner Brothers
    • Paramount
    • Disney Pictures
    • TCM Turner Movie Classics
      • Buena Vista Pictures
      • Touchstone Pictures
      • Dreamworks
      • Sony Records
    • TBS
    • Nickelodeon
    • CW Network
    • Color by Deluxe
    • LADB – Los Angeles Distribution and Broadcasting Inc.

I know how to go after buyers and negotiate wholesale deals and setup new accounts.

Also I’ve carried as many as 9 software physical CD & Boxed products I produced at 95 huge retail tech stores in USA & Canada independently (while I worked at Disney).

I have had situations come up before where we need a professional pick/pack/and ship crew for a start up.  And i have a close friend that has a very successful name badge production shop that does a large amount of daily order shipping, we could plug into his system to professionally handle fulfillment.
I used to produce huge websites in Southern California at hot shot digital agencies, well some of the guys i’m close friends with have exploded in pharma and medical industry and they are backed into huge medical/pharma venture capital based in northern and southern california, they have an unbelievable resume of success.  They are the large expensive interactive agency that i have if i ever need to scale up larger then my team.   Also if there is venture capital opportunity through that … this is part of my network.  (see graphic below)
& i have a very close friend who’s family runs the (*I think) the 2nd largest indie supplement sales company in Canada….something to that effect.