South Florida Mansion Shoot Hosted by Keith Selle

South Florida Shoot Day

Get mansion thats walking distance to Beach Shoot Station location #2 


Friday Evening
Meet and Greet VIP Event Party

Saturday Morning / Day

  • Mansion Shooting
  • Beach Station setup for shooting 2nd Setup walking distance
  • IDEA: Evening Shot at SilverBall Museum OR an Evening / Social Shoot
  • Catered food, snacks and refreshments

Sunday Morning / Day

  • Mansion Shooting
  • Setup #2 Beach Shoot Location Station Setup
  • Catered food, snacks and refreshments

Onsite Hair: Santino Sloan

Sponsorship Opportunities
Sponsor Logos in Sand: Elettro Sand Art

Possible City:

  • Palm Beach
  • Broward County
  • Miami
  • Biscayne

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Sponsor Station: Branded 8 foot x 8 foot Step & Repeat near entrance of mansion. With demo sponsor products  to shoot with. 
  • We encourage our sponsors to hold a Photo Contest exclusively amongst models and photographers at event- the best photo earns $500 for the photographer & $500 for the model. (Winners selected by sponsor).
  • All photography submitted with the Sponsor branding and products will be licensed to SPONSOR BRAND for promotional use.  
  • Promo gift bags of products for the models
  • @brand / #brand Inclusion on all social media posts for event
  • Post-event video billing and branding
  • Post-event Social Media inclusion
  • Use event as means for spokesmodel recruiting