Pfau Investments Marketing Support

Starting with


These are the items that stand out to us could be improved and respectfully made better.  Specific spots with wide room for improvement.

  • Website general visually – The websites are not ‘bad’, however there is room for improvement and utilize additional slick structural elements giving it a more impactful first impression for visitors.
  • Better Funnel – driving people through the funnel to contact forms and more ways through more pages.
  • Website informationally – there is next to zero contextual text on the website making it impossible for Google to understand where/why this site should show up on any keywords beyond ECOVITA.
    • You have information for HUMAN READERS, however you DO NOT have information that signals to GOOGLE/SEARCH.
    • You have ”Informational” data, we need to inject “NAVIGATIONAL” & “TRANSACTIONAL” data
  • Multi-lingual – We believe you have offices in approximately 11 countries, so why not present more languages then Eng/Germ/Spanish – What about Portuguese, French, and Chinese?
    • Small presence – More profiles around the internet, low presence in social network websites internationally.
  • Back Links – Links BACK to your Website around the web – “BackLinks” we need to drastically seek websites that will allow our guest posts (Free AND paid opportunities) from the right websites with high AUTHORITY.
  • Google My Business – Optimize ALL of your Google My Business locations around the world, and pumping posts/content constantly onto your Google My Business profiles worldwide.
  • No Search Advertising – No advertising helping you stand out where we know your best possible visitors are searching google.  This also helps you gain data on WHO is clicking on WHAT keywords to get to your website.
  • Low Website Authority Score – This is a vital element to raise if you are going for heavy existence in search results. Score is derived by amount and quality of backlinks.
  • Citations around the web – Room for big increase of existence in directories and maps around the world.
  • Social Profiles – Massive increase of amount of social media profiles around all the High, Mid & Small social networks around the world.
  • And for Agriterra, always battling for position with this guy.


Primary score google uses to choose whether or not to load your page in the Search Results = 16 (low score) = 5 (very low score)



Backlinks:  448 (Low)
Referring Domains: 74 (Low)



Ecovita Country Club 
Backlinks: 42
Unique Referring Domains: 10




This analysis estimates how google will estimate your site speed. – 7 of 100 score (very low) – 14 of 100 score (very low)

We would like to aim for 80+


Boost your speed.

First impressions matter.

Customers are impatient, so the speed of your site has a big impact on conversion and bounce rates.


Improving your load time by 0.1s can boost conversion rates by 8%. — Google/Deloitte

“Milliseconds Make Millions”





1. Create new leads
2. Help create an online presence that gives confidence to referrals vetting you and all prospective buyers/investors, guiding them toward transacting with you.

  • Create new traffic from Google.
  • Be on first page for a growing list of relevant keywords, and work our way to the first position on google.
  • Create AUTHORITY Perception when a referral is checking you out for themselves online, they gain confidence in your brand.
  • Your clients DO perform due diligence and vet their prospective investments like hawks these days.  A reference / referral is great, and these are the things that can make those referrals feel at ease to pull out that pocketbook and spend their money with you.
  • These tactics help when a referral tells somebody about your business, what is the first thing those people go and do, they size you up and create their judgement about you, they looking at your website and maybe your social media, and they don’t realize it but they may google you and they are sizing you up by how present you are within Google as well.


Bring your properties UP – Increase your Ranking / Take competitors websites DOWN – decrease their ranking

  • Grow Domain Authority Score of your websites – This means from the eyes of Google the level your website is considered as an authority on various topics, therefore giving your websites superior ranking over your competitors.
  • Find the best deals on advertising and promoting on large brand sites and social profiles that exposes your content to millions of people each month.
  • Focus our advertising on the areas and topics where prospective investors are at geographically & topic demographic wise.
  • Grow (email) database of interested people
  • Closing Content Gaps – as we find  your competitors between you and your PAGE 1 ranking, we are able to analyze what they are doing and close the gap between you and them to help you increase your chances of rising in the ranks.




We KNOW HOW to be competitively aggressive.

  1. Figure out who the competition is
  2. Analyze them
  3. Make moves that beef up/grow your website authority as determined by search engines (mainly Google)
  4. At same time take deliberate steps un-rank your competition


  • Smart competitive analysis is used to learn about your competitors, we use many top tools available to give us great data and analytics to guide us as we develop a wise path and plan to beat the competition by being a bigger & better authority in eyes of Google based on quality data.
  • We have a coordinated list of services that we provide that are all focused on the primary goal driving traffic & growing each website’s Domain Authority Score, which also in turn drives more traffic organically from better rank placement.
  • There is meaning behind each and every task we perform that is the work of growing your websites authority in the eyes of the search engines and driving traffic to your websites & key social profiles.
  • Budget determines the speed and extent that we move forward.

Elettro Marketing Services

Full service, multi-lingual international capable agency leadership based in USA (Fort Lauderdale & New York City). Our tactics are all what you call “WHITE HAT” meaning, clean organic savvy best competitive practices search optimization techniques driven by smart research and data driven strategy.

  • Online Marketing Strategy
  • Website Production
  • Video & Photo Production and Editing
  • Article, Blog, Massive Quantity Text Writing
  • Search Engine Optimization
    • PR – Online Guest Posts  (Building Backlinks)
    • Citations (Listings on Directory Maps)
    • Reviews
  • Buying Advertising Online
    • Google Ads
    • Bing / Yahoo Ads
    • Facebook / YouTube Ads
  • Optimize Google My Business for all your international offices


  • Custom Campaign Strategy & Scope
  • Large Scale International SEO Campaigns
  • Dedicated Account Management Team
  • Website – Complete Rebuild
  • Multiple Language Setup on Website (Properly)
  • Technical SEO, Content, Local Citation & Link Audits
  • Keyword Research & Targeting (up to xxxx keyword themes/month)
  • Content Optimization & Copywriting (up to xxx pages/month)
  • Technical SEO Fixes (WordPress/Static Sites)
  • Google My Business Listing Optimization
  • Monthly Guest Post & Editorial Link Building
  • Monthly Local SEO Citation Building
  • Website Adjustments
  • Social Media Profile Creation
  • Monthly Reporting – KPI & Rank Tracking


Demographic focus is on #1 INVESTORS

So far our understanding your areas of interest are United States & Europe.

We will learn more specifics of your areas of interest to go after investors.


SEO results vary depending on the current state of your website, whether you’ve been established for years or are brand new, the competition within your market, past penalties or poor work done by previous SEOs, etc. In general, established businesses and websites will see results within 6 months of implementation. Brand new websites generally take longer.

It depends on a number of factors: what kind of business do you have (ecommerce, brick and mortar, product-based, service-based, etc), what state your business’ online presence is already in, and how competitive your market is.In general, a website that is brand new or currently penalized will need a far more thorough and intensive campaign to start. On the other hand, a website that is established and maybe has had SEO work done in the past can get by with smaller, more specialized packages. If you have a lot of competition then that typically requires a bigger campaign.Reach out to us to discuss your marketing goals, after taking a closer look we will be able to present options that fit your business best.

Our strategy varies depending on each site and what’s working in your SERPs, but we utilize our high authority guest post and editorial link service for SEO clients, in combination with local citations, link outreach campaigns, and whatever else needs to be done to BEAT YOUR COMPETITION.  WE ARE HERE TO WIN MARKET SHARE.


We would be buying guest blogs and advertising in many many lesser known brands to attain a larger amount of links as well. They don’t all have to be USA TODAY & NY Times or Der Spiegel.



What is this area? Is this their correct corporation? is there anything they do on the land there? We would need access to this google my business profile to optimize it as well.


Multiple Webby Award Nominations production team, we have produced countless websites, mobile apps, social media, video, audio, online and in-person events.  The leadership has been the same consistent team for many years, we’re not going anywhere.  We are used to multiple projects simultaneously across web, mobile, social media, physical products and locations.  We are organized, efficient and innovative.  Elettro has some client relationships 15+ years long, we try and be fair, proactively communicative, and work with intelligent people from all around the world.

Elettro has been a marketing support department for businesses since 1998.  Our ideal client relationship is a client with many things going on, we can then can hire and expand our office as needed to match the workload.  Elettro is a team of brilliant individuals that lead through production.  We have an amazing amount of collective experiences.  Our loyal leadership crew has been with me for years.

Our programmers are some of the most amazing people in terms of the level of complexity they can handle.

Elettro has been the USA agency that has produced all branded materials for all their USA based hotels, Roommate is a fast internationally growing collection of hip hotels around the world.  I wonder if you have ever crossed paths with them or presented your investment to the Roommate leadership?

We won Morgans Hotel Group a Webby award nomination for a mobile alert system I created, pitched, and produced for all of their hotels world wide.  IFC (AMC NETWORKS) garnered a Webby award nomination for the stunningly Flash animated online show Getting Away With Murder.

Elettro has been Roommate Hotels agency in the USA that produces all the USA hotel’s branded physical materials.  Roommate is a savvy Madrid, Spain headquartered Hotel chain that is rapidly growing internationally frequently in Spanish speaking areas.  Roommate has been an active client for the last 10 years.



We have the ability to pull in a sister agency in LA for LARGE SCALE production projects, where that agency is also backdoor tied into silicon valley funding, they have raised ..*I think like $45 Million I believe I’ve read, but I would need to double check the #s.  Its run by guys that I worked with for years in my earlier Los Angeles agency days who stayed there and mushroomed their company into what it is today out there.