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Test our Facebook share network. We share your post on 30 Fanpages, you can upgrade to include being shared on Tahiti Cora’s Facebook (2.5 Million Likes) and Instagram (333,000 Followers) profile.

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Your post or event shared on at least 30 Facebook fan pages.  Quality shares across a popular Facebook network of pages that are all at least 4 years old and all growing at different paces. There are 3 tiers to this offer

Deluxe is shared on at least 30 pages within our partner network

Premium also includes being shared on Tahiti Cora’s Facebook fan page with 2.4 Million likes on it.

Premium Plus includes shared on Tahiti Cora’s Instagram w/ 330,000 followers.

Special Offer limitation. This is a special offer for first time customers, so everybody gets a chance to use this offer one time per customer.

All offers DO NOT include Big Mountain Page.

The details are…

you are allowed to order whatever quantity you wish to order for your one order at this rate, we will honor that rate, but after the first order, this special offer is not valid.


If you wish to have some of our pages co-host your event ….let’s discuss, this is popular for the Tahiti Cora & Reggae.Land pages.

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Deluxe, Premium (+ TahitiCora FB Page), Premium + (+ Tahiti Cora Fb Page & Instagram Profile)