Beacon Possibilities

Elettro Push-E Beacon Solutions

1. Nearby: What you know at our Push-E, Nearby Notifications help businesses reach their customers with relevant messaging when they are in proximity to them or their physical location, with no prior app install required. This is ideal for storefronts, service providers, real estate agents, and events. 
To get started, you will need a Push-E Beacon contact us for special offer details. 
Note: Push-E reaches 5-111 yards, depending on the desired strength of the signal. 

2. Wayfinding: Guide guide people through a physical environment and enhance their experience in the space. Our beacons can help users understand exactly where they are standing, and how to get to their desired destinations. This is ideal for conferences, airports, stadiums, museums, malls, hospitals, universities, and warehouse retail stores.
To get started, you will need a handful of Push-E beacons, contact us for special offer details.  We are happy to set this up for you.
Note: You will need to place a beacon every 15 meters to successfully guide your user through your space.

3. Customer Location Solution: Whether you are a restaurant, hotel, casino, or other hospitality service where your customers demand fast and convenient service within your venue, we have a solution for you. Our Customer Location Solution leverages beacon-enabled smart locators, customers’ mobile devices, and/or a network of BLE detectors to identify the location of a customer for order delivery and messaging. 
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4. Curbside Pick-up and Drive-thru: Elettro Push-E beacons can set up a geofence to signal when your customers are within a certain radius, ensuring their order is ready upon their arrival.
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5. Smart Digital Signage: Display KitTM is a cloud-based platform that combines digital signage with proximity technology and content management to create omni-channel engagement. Display KitTM can trigger mobile devices within a specific distance of the display.
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