Sand Art Quote Information

We are available March 11th.

We can bring the sand to the beach.

I want to check with sand artist but I bet the hotel would be MORE THEN HAPPY to have  a pile of higher quality sand mixed right into their sand thats there. (but we can find that out from artist, and then from hotel). Its like an eco-contribution to the beach there.    IF..there is a painted element, then what we can do is then quote the removal of the painted sand surface.

When we do use paint its a special eco-beach-friendly paint, not just house paint.  Thats approved by the cities for use.

Its not a problem, if you have an opportunity, we are happy to discuss and work up a quote that fits that job, this is what I’m here for, to assist with this process.  There is no “Chinese menu” advance price prepped type of thing because of the vast difference in the details for each of these jobs.

Doesn’t exist.  We need to quote each job separately.

Here’s responses to your requests/questions

It will take sand artist most all the day prior to 5pm to get the sculpture of the brand in place, so what we would do is basically have sand artist time his start time so that way he’s done around 4:30pm, gives him a chance to possible eat, take a little break and then he can start on some fluff side art elements so as your guest arrive and check things out he’ll be there creating the additional to the logo fun / cute sea creature or miami vice (whatevers decided) elements in front of the people.  I recommend going with his recommendations because he can pick things that he’s awesome at prepping so that way the experience for the visitors is watching him kick butt prepping cool little elements, maximizes his impact of impressing the guests, which is what I think you are going for.

  • It’s best that he get the logo main part all done before 5pm.

My recommendation is to roll with the artists recommendations of his strongest elements since they don’t have anything specific in mind.   In thinking out Miami Vice, the only thing I can think of is the Scaarb boat and drug smuggling/cocaine hahaha, so maybe we sorta leave that alone and go with the sea creature PG / G Rated direction haha.  ****THIS IS UP TO WHAT CLIENT WANTS


– We don’t quote by hours. so I can’t really respond regarding an hourly minimum.

– A ballpark minimum I’d say would be $1,200
– We do a quarterly massive sand sculpture for a resort on Grand Cayman thats over $10,000+ that takes multiple days and a LOT of sand
– There is a wide range of details that affect the costs.


SAND PAINTING – Flat logos designed in the sand with paint
SAND SCULPTURES – 3 Dimensional sculptures often with a big wedge of sand
WILL YOU MARRY ME – Flat painted sand large enough to be viewable from a helicopter ride
PAINT CUSTOM WALL MURALS – nothing to do with sand.

We often prep SAND SCULPTURES inside on a Plastic fold out table.  An impactful method of having table assignment tags for weddings and people checking getting their table / name tag as well as entry to events. It sets an impressive tone.

RIDER – fairly simply
– Access to refreshment drinks
– Feed the sand artist meals lunch/dinner (its typically 1-2 people)
– Option for some fruit / snacks is helpful / nice
– (6) towels are helpful as well (get from hotel)
– Free Parking or compensated parking
– Reasonable lighting since he’s going to be going into dust/sunset time of evening.
– You have Pre-clearance with the hotel that this is being produced
– A path cleared for sand to be delivered as closely as humanly possible to the location – so if there isn’t a road that goes there but hotel golf cart or push cart, where then buckets of sand can be transported to the spot we need to have the hotel cooperation with that. We may need their golf cart or their pushcarts.

That’s fine if you haven’t committed and we are getting another job request that could impact the delivery of that project we can contact you, give you the right to commit then to the job, otherwise will take the first job that we get an official yes and deposit for.


The first portions of the project are grueling back breaking moving of heavy EARTH/WET-SAND, so yes the sand artist does take breaks as he needs, but its never been a problem because he knows he’s got typically a ton of work to do in a truncated period of time.  Also he can time things so that way at 5pm thru 6:30pm his taking breaks are minimized and its more a show time vibe, at that point of the project its not crazy heavy lifting its more sculpting, therefore less need for physical exhaustion recoup type breaks.

Your Project

  • We would finalize with you in discussion the elements to be created, we will describe to you what we intend to make, and then regarding the extra elements, you can also leave that to artist to make the call in the moment of what works best for the time he has to make elements.
  • We would buy sand and have it delivered to location either day before or very early am

Roughly what the design would be is a wedge of sand with this logo.

The client logo built up in a big wedge of sand, where the logo is carved into the sand, then they have the option of us including paint, and then wed prep around sea creatures those can be determined by the amount of time remaining that can be spent on those elements, that way core is done timely before 5pm, and then from 5 – 6:30 artist can clean up the location and he can finalize the cool little sea creatures part and and rest of time can be making cool fun additional detailed elements on side perfect for show / part time 5 – 6:30pm

Required Elements


Includes the Sand & its Delivery all the way into its location of sculpture on March 10th
A more worse case of distance scenario for us to hire some of our manpower crew – we’ll still want to figure out plan in advance with hotel.

Sand Artist will work through 6:30pm as per your request.

Potentially Essential


Sand Removal *Potentially Essential — potentially
A more worse case of distance scenario for us to hire some of our manpower crew
TBD still is the potential return to hotel and sand removal if they don’t want to just spread it into the ground where it is.



Add a green accent painted color as per the logo has green.
– includes the purchasing of the paint and use and cleaning of paint sprayer tool

/per additional 30 minutes, if you want artist to stay beyond 6:30pm to continue sculpting (you can make that call in the moment with the artist and we’ll bill you for it afterwards).

Drone photo/video clips option *this is if the hotel will allow us to fly the drone, Marriott allows us, but that is something need to clear with the hotel in advance if they’d have a problem with us getting some shots via drone. We stay away from flying over people etc.
We capture photos and video clips from Multiple angles for your client’s ownership and use in promo videos / social media. Very safe, simple & quick drone work.