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Merchandise Solution - end to end

Elettro offers a streamlined no-inventory solution for branded and custom merchandise, covering everything from selecting items, graphic design, pricing, to seamless integration into multiple sales outlets. 


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Elettro has a no-inventory one off solution for branded and custom merchandise.  

  • Selecting which merch items to use
  • Graphics – designing the merch
  • Pricing the Merch
  • Integration of product into multiple sales outlets. 
Manage Sales Locations
  • Websites
  • Facebook, Instagram
  • Google Shop, YouTube
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Etsy
  • More 

Contact us, lets speak if you are interested in listing products for sale with auto-mated printed merch fulfillment all setup and maintained for you.  Be able to buy your items on-demand or if you wish to make items available to employees or general public for sale, where you do not have to deal with printing, shipping or manufactuering.  Hassle-free and fun!