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Elettro can manage as much of your social media as you need and want, every brand is different.  When companies don’t have the bandwidth to get these vital marketing tasks done, businesses turn to Elettro.

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We are the Social Media experts, we have been in Social Media since the beginning.

We work to make social media as easy and stress free as possible.

We create easiest method for our clients to provide us raw text, photos and videos that we can then turn into finished social profile content.  Smart-Process is important.

  • Full or part time service maintaining social profiles across key social networks
  • Manage scheduling and publishing posts.
  • Create social post graphics
  • Produce relevant branded social videos
  • Respond to post comments and messages

Proactive Actions

  • Like, comment and share on industry pages and groups
  • Setup Facebook group and grow its membership
  • Proactively acquire membership to industry groups and post within them via brand


Goal: Maximize promotional dollars

Every brand and every campaign is different, with different demographics and different goals.

Work with Elettro to get the most exposure for your social promotions budget.

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Our Largest, Most Influential Social Media Partners

  • Tahiti Cora – 2.4 Million Likes on Facebook & 330,000 followers on Instagram
  • Melissa Lori – 2.1 Million Likes on Facebook & 536,000 followers on Instagram
  • Donna D’Errico – 60k Likes on Facebook & 279,000 followers on Instagram
  • Reggae.Land – 55,000 Likes on Facebook
  • Stashbox Live Band

INNER CIRCLE Facebook fan page 199,000 Likes JACOB "KILLA" MILLER Facebook Fanpage 210,000 Likes BIG MOUNTAIN 543,000 Likes on Facebook 20,000+ Followers on Instagram SQUIDLY COLE 7,000+Likes on Facebook 9,000+ Followers on Instagram THE SKATALITES 248,000+Likes on Facebook 26,000 Followers on Instagram TOOTS AND THE MAYTALS 271,000+ Likes on Facebook 4,000 Followers on Instagram KATCHAFIRE 314,000+Likes on Facebook 58,000+ Followers on Instagram SILVERBACK BANDS RAS MICHAEL and the SONS of NEGUS 10,000+ Likes on Facebook

Other influencers we have direct access to the right people to discuss posts/shares

– Silverback Management Stable of Bands See Website (We work directly with owner of agency)  includes: Slightly Stoopid and FishBone.

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  • Two Webby Honoree Awards
  • ProMax Marketing Award
  • CTAM Award