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Client: Remarkable Life USA Products Division

ProductsSona Pillow® & Super Pillow®

The exciting thing with taking on this project is the fact that at its core it is intellectually science based product development by an esteemed Harvard graduate active Neurologist who is a renown sleep specialist who is the passionate inventor of products that solve various problems that have yet to be solved.  He’s been able to have his products involved many sleep studies giving him the edge of feedback and deep research.  And it was clear when his first forray of products was the Sona Pillow® a brilliant and unique anti-snore pillow that works and he sold millions of these Sona Pillows and literally created an entire cult following and with his trademarked Sona Positioning simple fundamental used by these pillows that basically positions your jaw forward and then changes your airflow path completely eliminating snoring or at least reducing the velocity of the snore.  These pillows work instantly. 

So this brand that sold millions of pillows a few years back then stopped, but now is back with an improved Sona Pillow®, its exciting to see a pillow have a legit fanbase. ..think about that ….a pillow has a fanbase.  Not one that is from TV fluff, but from millions of people using the low-key product that had virtually no marketing before. 

The less know pillow is the Super Pillow®, takes the trademarked Sona Positioning fundamental and adapts it a super cozy memory foam pillow that supports not just side sleeping but any sleeping position that is most comfortable to you. This anti-wrinkle, anti-aging ultra soft pillow case is ideal for those who care about their skin, wrinkles and aging looks on your face. Your moneymaker! Super Pillow® is for all ages and yes my kids have them and I use one as well. This is the pillow the inventor himself uses.  So its a science based product developed from the perspective of a long time and active neurologist sleep specialist.  What sets this pillow apart is its compartment in the bottom of the pillow that can have a Bluetooth speaker or scent packs where you can listen to music without having annoy headphones on when you are trying to sleep, there is nothing more uncomfortable then that, well now you can sink into the Super Pillow and control music from your phone.   


We can’t discuss details but this brilliant invent or has some other patents that are being developed into retail products that will make you kick yourself and think “Why didn’t i think of that!” 

Project Services: Elettro leads the charge across these marketing services: 

  • Produce branding
  • Construct new product selling website
    • including shopping cart eCommerce
    • including integration into UPS Shipping 
    • including custom special offers baked into shopping cart ‘Buy One, Get One Half Off’ type specials
    • Promo / Commercial Video& Audio production
    • Produce Discount Codes for website, flyers and videos
  • Search Marketing – setup and maintain search ad campaigns on both Google Search Network and Bing / Yahoo Network,
    • includes continued search date analysis and tweaking to improve ROI
    • including producing multiple custom search landing pages and evaluating which are most effective
  • PR / Obtaining additional online publicity articles like on Miami Shoot Magazine website and ad banners displayed 
  • Affiliate Marketing Consultating
  • Setup and maintain Social Media profiles across key social media sites
  • Setup Amazon Presence
    • Seller Central Profile
    • Prepping Shipments to Amazon 
    • Adding multiple product listings to Amazon strictly following best practices 
    • Setup Fulfillment backend and policies
    • Setup multiple Brand Authority brands
    • Resolve multiple issues with uphill Amazon
  • Video and Audio Production – Commercial Product Video for use in national advertising campaigns and social media
  • Manage all customer pre/post order communications via email, phone, live-chat
  • Produce print marketing flyers with tracking promo codes and QR codes 
  • Curate, organize, and present customer testimonials
  • Product packaging development
  • Intellectual property protection


Key products 

The world famous Sona Pillow® and Super Pillow®