Sponsorship with Keith Selle

Sponsorship opportunities with one of the most popular and sought after model photographer.  

Keith Selle
Model Photographer

Rock★ Fotógrafo

Photography page @ksellephoto • ? Founder/CEO @TopTattooModels ?  www.facebook.com/keithsellephotography


His Influence. 

A Becon of cutting edge photography, Keith has everybody’s attention all the time, everybody wants to see what Keith is doing, how he’s doing it and learn from him and his practical approaches to creating perfect shots in some ways is second to none.  Incredibly Keith has been having successful national mansion shoots.  Top models from around the world line up to get in front of  Keith’s lense 
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In Short – Near Term Opportunity in terms of getting involved in Arizona Event April 1,2 

Here’s the list of models that are confirmed to attend this event
(Due to unforeseen things that are totally out of my hands or models flakiness, the list of models might change slightly before the day of the event)

Shannon SumnerNikki NicoleAmy PicklesJessica SeamonsTysha SchmitzNatalie Ann
AmiliaKarah LynnWillow RayneMegan OlsonChance DicksonJessica Drake
Sofia LeiBrooklyn ThereseNikki DarlingShelby Vert
Kaylee ReneeSusan DawsonSerena De La RocheCarmen Bay
Madison MorganEmily MarieSamantha Randall Stephanie DunhamVictoira KayeSammy SpeechlessSamantha Rizzo

screen-shot-2017-03-14-at-5-47-26-pm screen-shot-2017-03-14-at-5-47-30-pm screen-shot-2017-03-14-at-5-47-37-pm
  • Branded 8 foot x 8 foot Step & Repeat near entrance of mansion. With demo sponsor products  to shoot with. 
  • Photo Contest exclusively amongst models and photographers at event- the best photo earns $500 for the photographer & $500 for the model. (selected by sponsor).
  • All photography submitted with the Sponsor branding and products will be licensed to SPONSOR BRAND for promotional use.  
  • Promo gift bags of products for the models
  • @brand / #brand Inclusion on all social media posts for event
  • Post-event video billing and branding
  • Post-event Social Media inclusion
  • Use event as means for spokesmodel recruiting



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