AR Starter Kit – Start



AR Starter Kit includes:

  • We program your business card ”surface” artwork to trigger your promotional video.

  • Included are 3 virtual buttons, one-click open website/social profiles.

  • Enable people to screen capture your AR experience and share it on social media. #Viral


  • Video is king, video can communicate your business 100x better then a single still image.
  • Be impressive, greatly improve the impact of your marketing materials. #GetSizzle
  • Be current, Augmented Reality is the hottest, newest, latest, high-tech marketing technique.
  • Give a technical forward thinking impression to prospective customers. #YouLookSmart
  • When was the last time you AMAZED people with your marketing? Be mind blowing.
  • Organically viral, AR affects most people in a way that they naturally want to show somebody else because it is so cool. 
  • Excellent support 
  • Advanced development team

Five benefits of AR for marketing

  1. Technology is mind blowing, unique and memorable
    Be first to surprise your prospective customers & industry competition and create a necessary buzz because you can present your brand with something your competitors don`t have *yet.
  2. Augmented Reality gets more shares #Viral
    Organic Buzz! AR is catches people’s attention instantly. Word of mouth and social sharing increase the acquisition of new customers.
  3. AR opportunities for personalization
    A chance to create something unique and thereby to express one’s individuality is much more engaging than standard media content.
  4. Video vs plain static paper business card or brochure
    Dramatically increase the value of your printed marketing materials with AR.  Now materials can have one-click to website conversion. 
  5. Interactivity maintains the retention
    The entertainment trend stays in leaders list. The highly exciting content motivates users to interact with your mobile application again and again.




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