Elettro Marketing Agency

Perfect boutique agency for international brands to use as a satellite USA office to develop online North American presence to support sales efforts in North America.

Elettro can take any/all of your visual assets and information and extend your marketing efforts focused on North America.

A few key elements that we can establish for your brand in the USA


We don’t make assumptions so we get approvals from you prior to triggering any additional programmer hours or advertising spends on your behalf.


#1 Website

We use WordPress as the backend to produce flexible websites that are great for SEO (search engine optimization), and we use WooCommerce for the actual product selling within WordPress also very powerful, very simple, great for search and most importantly a great sales management tool when you actually have daily orders streaming through the website, there is a lot of powerful abilities that handles initial needs of scalability of being able to handle a busy website with many orders.  Its a very functional platform that is very expandable with countless additional plug-in tools that are available to use to produce all sorts of customizations.

We can review your current brand look and feel and build a site with a matching vibe extending your brand look.

An initial build is somewhere in the $6000 – $9000 starting budget. What that budget covers is

  • Website Hosting
  • Setting Up WordPress Foundation
  • Creating Site Navigation
  • Page Construction
  • Video editing
  • Graphics production
  • Project Management
  • Setup Products and product sales functions connected to your bank
  • Setup of email alias / forwards
  • * additional cost when needed – Custom programming / integration, we have a hovering team of 4 programmers who do all of my more advanced integration and customizations.
  • We have a powerful multi-language plug-in we like to use, if we want to make site easily readable internationally.
  • * Licensed stock video and photos is additional

Phase I budget recommendation is $6000

*Any Clip art photos, audio, or videos that need to be purchased, software or plug-ins needed to be purchased are additional costs
* Advanced Programmer needed to be called into to work on anything is billed at $55/hour also and that is not included, that’s extra.

For that we could get Web-site up and running and plugged into commerce and have it ready to start Phase II


PHASE II – Dialing in Grow Moves

Phase II COST:  Dean Palermo works at blended rate of $55//hour, Dean’s custom programmers when needed are also $55/hour.

  • Website Maintenance
    • We can be available for website content updates.
    • We keep all the plugin elements software updates, up to date.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    • Properly labeling images in the backend including their name, description, alt tags and sometimes captions
    • Making sure the H Tags are used properly
    • Dialing in the written copy on pages to maximize their attraction to being included in search.
    • Assisting with the creation of continued additional website and social media content with good meta-tags/data
    • Getting Blogs on OTHER Websites other then yours
  • ONLINE ADVERTISING – We manage your online spending on advertising
    • We setup the account for you and dial in the ads
    • We then review the ads and how they are doing and tweak them as best we can to improve their results.
    • This is a long term process, not a short time fix.
    • We don’t bill via percentage of spend we bill via the amount of labor hours logged working on this.
  • Google Setup – Dialing in all relevant aspects of Google!! #GoogleGoldmine
    • There is a group of relevant Google elements that ideally are all in harmony working together that maximizes your search potential, but also helps you get data so you know how to better spend your ad money and learn how people are finding you and make adjustments to better speak to your audience.
    • There are multiple tools from Google that very much so help you achieve best search exposure possible.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA Production 
    • Graphics
    • Video Production
    • Posting
    • Sharing across the Elettro Network
    • Additional internal tactics
    • Tapping into our Influencer Network
    • Elettro has a tremendous amount of experience producing all sorts of printed marketing materials as well as any needed promo items like T-Shirts, branded swag, pens, key chains, beach chairs type of physical items.
    • We can spend time following up with potential distribution channels to help create sales pipelines.


Additional possible large phases

  • Selling on Amazon – I personally setup a 2 product company on amazon, its definitely a process with a lot of seller support calls that takes time, this is something that we are experienced with and can assist with.