Stashbox is a South Florida based Reggae / Classic Rock groove band.  Primarily consists of Lead singer – Josh Clyde & Lead Guitarist – Dean Palermo with drummer & bassist. We have a selection of drummers and bassists.  A standout is Gary “G Money” Williams on bass, a super amazing local legendary bassist, for our better budgeted shows. He is literally a viral video when he does his jaw dropping bass solos.


Contribute funds to the band helping bridge the gap from the low pay the band gets for doing local shows (typically) to help make the show WORTH DOING vs us passing on even doing some shows. We can be more aggressive in our cost to venues.

Provide funds for co-branded Merch with Stashbox, then we can do GIVEAWAY with this swag, and venues will be more open about allowing it when its Stashbox branded as well. We can explore any/all promo products that you are interested in.  I am a professional promo product producer, i do all the Promo products for all USA Room Mate Hotels.

We are artists and have integrity of our show etc etc, but we are also business people and professional and if because of SPONSOR involved can enhance our shows, we’re all aboard with doing all we can to help promote

The initial items I can think of are
— Tshirts
— Bar Coasters
— Pint Glasses
— Branded Bass Drum Skin
— Large Vinyl STASHBOX sign (branded)
— Stickers

Ideally you could give us a supplemental budget to include SPONSOR when we go and do shows, a lot of the shows we do around here are low paying for bands, however they are ALL a direct hit of venues SPONSOR would like to gain as clients.  This is where I’m curious how specifically we can create a win win engagement, to where its more worth it for us to take on shows at these local bars because of the support coming in from SPONSOR, where then we can literally double as a liquor rep / sales to venues for SPONSOR DRINK.   This would increase venues we could create engagements with, which is good for the band but then also great for SPONSOR DRINK to be having events around South Florida venues.

Stashbox on Facebook   & (Official Website)

Possible Promotional Touch Points


  1. Pre-Show Promo Video where band shout out event and is shared on social media
  2. Facebook Event – Brand integration into the event, within event name and event key art graphic
  3. CO-HOST EVENT ACROSS MULTIPLE FB PAGES – We can have a handful of our sub-pages cohost our event, giving the event exposure across more pages
  4. — option – for Tahiti Cora to co-host event therefore exposure across her audience
  5. — option  – SPONSOR can be an event co-host on SPONSOR FB page
  6. SPONSOR can share the event
  7. SHARE EVENT ACROSS NETWORK OF PAGES – I share my events across my share network of pages like Inner Circle, Jacob Miller, Reggae.Land
  8. SHARE ACROSS GROUPS – Branding on shares across local event/music Groups on Facebook promoting event.
  9. MANAGE AD SPEND BOOST – I could manage the boosting of event on Facebook if you wanted to boost the event.
  10. PRODUCE BRANDED SHOW BILL – Production of Physical Show bill that can be printed and submitted to venue to put up at venue
  11. INTERACT WITH VENUE BOSS RE: SPONSOR DRINK WITH ANGLE TO SELL THEM – I can coordinate with venue to see what extent they want to allow SPONSOR DRINK integration (free drinks)


  1. BRAND SAND PAINTING AT BEACH – Sandman can produce an incredible Sand Painting at the closest busy beach area, with tall SPONSOR sand flag, flyers to hand out, and any freebie, giveaways to hand out if any.
  2. PLACE SWAG AROUND VENUE – At venue we can sprinkle branded coasters around the venue.
  3. ON SITE BRAND AMBASSADOR – Possibly have Cora or my other tall cute girl friend who is a professional bar waitress/bartender and tech savvy to assist with playing brand ambassador.
  4. POUR SAMPLES – During show we can make mention of the SPONSORED DRINK — and make giveaways and/or test cocktails a part of the show.  I literally can envision even seeing the singer mixing some drinks during a break, he makes awesome cocktails with the rum already.
  5. SELL SPONSORED DRINK TO VENUE – We can do LIQUOR SALES REP tactics to assist the process of gaining the venue as a buying client for SPONSORED DRINK or at least warming up the point person for a follow up call with you or whoever is the selling point person.
  6. GO LIVE AT EVENT — If i have a savvy brand ambassador working the show with us, they can go live on possibly Tahiti Cora, Reggae.Land, Blues.Land, Stashbox FB pages, which could be shared to SPONSOR Facebook page if you so chose to.


  1. Produce Video(s) from event , integrate cool SPONSOR visuals into videos, when/where makes sense.
  2. SOCIAL POSTS – Post edited and branded photos/videos on social media
  3. SHARE POSTS – Share the posts across promotion network
  4. BUILD UP BRANDED CONTENT – Build up Branded Content maintain a growing branded materials folder of photos and videos.

– Stashbox plays local shows at beach bars or slightly inland bars mostly. We are able to integrate SPONSOR in what we do.  Also, depends on what you all have in mind as well.

Brainstorming potential promo that’s possible: 

– Stashbox is going to be doing a round of t-shirts where we are going to have a brand quilt on the back of a few sponsors, and then what we are thinking is then print the venue of shows on the front of shirts, then we’d give shirts away, the venue is pleased because they got their brand on the shirts at no cost.

– We can bring some bottles with an “OKAY” from the venue we can even have our lead singer (or bartender) mix up some free drinks.

– We can have Tahiti Cora attend shows when she’s available and she can be the lead brand rep at the event.

– Rehearsals we like to have a nice cocktail, our singer makes great drinks, VERY TASTY drinks, and he’s done AWESOME drinks with SPONSORED DRINK so far the couple times we tried it out so far, so we make social photos/videos with brand integration.


Contact us


Call us: 310.408.6687 EST

Location: South Florida


  • Two Webby Honoree Awards
  • ProMax Marketing Award
  • CTAM Award