Part 1 of 2

Cost: $485/month (New Client Introductory rate at 50% discount)
Project Timeframe: 4 Months – Remainder of 2020


  • MORE FACEBOOK POSTS on Facebook Fan page – Post More Frequently

  • ADD VIDEOS TO FACEBOOK PAGE – You have 1 video only on Facebook yet you have 97 YouTube Videos.  We can either obtain a video library from you or we can extract videos from your YouTube and schedule posts on the Facebook page.  Perhaps you have additional videos that are not on YouTube, we can collect those as well and work those onto the Facebook Fan page.


  • STREAM LIVE – We can take your already existing mountain of stunning video content and stream live on your page creating original LIVE STREAM shows where ‘the episodes’ cycles through your various stunning promo videos LIVE.
    • We can loop live stream, where we stream live for 8 hours straight which is ideal use of the concept of live streaming on Facebook, enabling exponentially more people the chance to catch some of the live stream across multiple time zones.  Approximately two to four live stream shows per month
      • Benefit #1 – Facebook exposes your live stream to more people than just the posts you are doing that help grow the page.
      • Benefit #2 – The Live Stream converts into a Facebook Page Video which continues obtaining views, engagement, shares and can be ”embedded’ to websites off of Facebook.
      • Benefit #3 – You would now have these approximately (1 hour long +/-) new long-form compilation videos that we would produce as live shows that you can then have for re-broadcast on
        • Post long-form streaming shows to Youtube
        • Post long-form videos to your website VIA—Facebook embed code, enabling people to more easily LIKE/SHARE your video around the website, that counts towards your #s on Facebook videos.
        • If you have any promo TV Monitors anywhere in the world, you will now have longer form promo video content to be displayed in retail real estate offices etc etc.
  • Recommend Facebook Page Grow Best Practices
  • Publish Facebook Story content

Effects of this work: 

  • Grow Page Engagement & Likes – Goal to aim for is 10,000 likes where you can potentially get advertising revenue if you have larger traffic because you reached certain engagement and activity benchmarks.
  • Create more links to your YouTube Channel
  • Create more links back to your Facebook Page.  By posting more videos that people can share…more posts and content floating around Facebook.
  • Have hour long promo videos that are collections of your videos that you then can use these longer promo videos around your islands or for rebroadcast elsewhere.  These would be the videos that you could present on a Monitor at all of your store fronts where you can present videos or looped videos.
  • Eventual Revenue Generation Source – Live Streams and Stacking Videos helps your page grow, and reach Facebook benchmarks to eventually enable your page to be a revenue generation spot if you have enough subscribers and traffic.


So the tasks this would include (ON YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE ONLY)

  • Collecting Vladi video / photos content
  • Pre-production of live streams
  • Producing well branded live streams
  • Making Post Stream large files available to team Vladi marketing assets library.
  • Scheduling Posts on Facebook page
  • Producing some Facebook Story Posts