Vladi Private Island Website Repair Proposal


We can be an additional support for your website leader, we can work with your current website ‘guy’ and he can assist us through all the various steps we will need to do.   Our team includes VERY skilled website programmers who can get deep into the customizations and programming weeds of your website.   We can chip away at your list of issues and get your website headed in the right direction when it comes to making moves to improve your ranking within search and create more traffic from the Search engines.

Budget: $1975/month (New Client Introductory rate at 50% discount)
Project Timeframe: 4 Months – Remainder of 2020
  • LEARN YOUR WEBSITE PLATFORM: If we sign a deal we will need to gain access to the website, and perform some analysis as best ways to approach the larger issues.
  • ON-WEBSITE-SEO: Elettro will work at resolving the 16,000+ website errors we have uncovered from our website analysis tools for SEO, starting with the most important and working our way down that list and we will get as far down the list as we can.
  • CONTENT GAP: On site content gap we can reduce.  What this means is lets say you have PRIVATE ISLAND X and your competitor also has PRIVATE ISLAND X…..you have 50 words describing it they have 350 words.  There is a lot of that within the site, we would work on closing that ON-SITE content gap.

Effects of this work: 

  • Increased search based traffic to your website – More Google Traffic
  • Increased ranking – More frequently where you can get listed #1 over your competitor where currently your competitor has a majority of #1 placements.
  • Highlight: We will in essence be removing over 3,000 duplicate extra pages you have on your website you have literally competing against yourself on search.
  • Estimate Timeframe of Effect: Give it 1 year to start to see the changes from this. (The point is its not overnight and it takes time for Google to make its changes)
    • Note:  This doesn’t create overnight effects, it is the long game.  Most SEO companies offer guarantees and say see affects instantly or within a month, and that is setup for false expectation.  We prefer being as transparent and honest as possible about the process.


After 4 months we can see where we are at with progress and budget, and make a new agreement for continuation of the relationship, if you so choose.
We would have a decent sense of time frame at that point to finish off the PHASE I – On-Site clean up, so we could get a good statement of the affairs, discuss what we’ve accomplished and what we estimate we have to wrap up if anything.  So if then we have more to do we can articulate whats remaining and continue, then fade into Phase II.
Possibly begin PHASE II start to perform OFF-SITE” SEO tactics
— including creating citations meaning setting up profiles around the internet, directories that exist that your competitor possibly has profile (and link back to the website from all of them).
— Backlink development — Guest Posts – specifically your competition is killing you with this VERY VERY important statistic “Total amount of unique websites that link back to your website” Your competitor has exponentially more UNIQUE websites linking back to them, and we will go around with a prescribed budget to spend on listings that do the most for the budget to gain the most valuable backlinks and to close the gap with your #1 competitor.