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  • Huge in size

As large as 120+ feet by 120+ feet, these things can be HUGE and photographed from a far distance looking AMAZING! Think of the drone shots.

  • Viral Social Media Boost

Corporate / Events Sales Staff:

Step 1: Download PDF of brochure
Step 2: Share with clients
Step 3: Contact us for pricing and details

If you want to disrupt a beach event with your brand in the sand, its the fastest way to get a large group of people excited to snap photos & videos with cellphones and sharing them on social media immediately on the spot often on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

Sand Art – Large Scale Logo Re-creations

Sand Sculptures

Chalk Art / Small to Huge Mural Size

Consider these options:

  • What specific dates are you looking for?
  • Do you have a specific location you need this? If so, where?
    • On Beach?
    • Indoor / off the beach, if so where? be specific
    • Tradeshow both?
  • Budget – Is there a pre established budget you are working with? If so, let us know the budget.
  • Flat logo in sand or 3 dimensional Sand Sculpture?
  • How many Colors on the sand do you want?
  • How large? (estimate feet by feet if flat )
  • If  it has lettering, do you have a specific font in mind?
    • What is the wording you wish to have?
  • Do you have a logo or specific design prepared or do you want us to come up with something? if so let us see it.
    • Note: We can do original work for you as well if you don’t have specifics figured out.

If you want to send us an email at contactus@elettro.com with as much information as possible, that helps kick off the process of us getting you an accurate quote, otherwise feel free to directly call us to discuss 310.408.6687.

Common additional items to consider

  • Do you want a photography package? ranging from $295 – $595 on average.
  • Do you want a video produced? (if so we can discuss the level of sophistication you are looking for).
  • Are you interested in drone aerial shots?
  • Information Table w/Professional Merchandiser – Set up a branded table with brand Information including  a professional ‘merchandiser’ person to stand at the table during event to maintain table give away items and any help facilitate a give away or registration forms if you wish to collect information.
  • Vertical Beach Flags
    • Typically used for phone number or website address, or multiple flags for extra level attention
    • We will produce the flag(s) from provided artwork and have them ready at your event
    • This includes our pole that holds flag on beach, after event you keep flag only)
    • $200 – we produce a 10 feet x 2.5 feet
    • $250 – 12.5 feet x 2.5 feet larger banner
    • Custom graphics if required are additional
    • If you think you want to do a multiple flag presentation let us know how many flags you are thinking.


Fortune 500 experience

  • Team building events on the beach
  • Event / broadcast artwork
  • Corporate logo staff photo