Skim through this selection of featured videos produced by Elettro.  Below you see videos for consumer products, local businesses, music band events and songs, science theme, and real estate agent promo.  Ask us to assist you with your video production.

Featured Videos Produced by Elettro

Elettro Services Promo Videos

Sand paintings and sand sculptures. Large to small chalk, painting murals. Best in South Florida. Also check out the Augmented Reality we produced before, its truly mind blow technology.

Consumer Product: Sona Pillow Videos Millions Sold

Elettro Productions has been the exclusive provider of video production for Sona Pillow promotional videos helping increase awareness that this once famous product has returned to market by the official and original patent holder.  Millions of pillows sold the last 10 years.

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Local Business: Location and Services Offering Goal: Awareness & Attract Local Customers

Elettro Productions is the exclusive provider of video production for Neurology Associates of Scottsdale Arizona’s new location that offers neurology services to the public. Note: Elettro also was the exclusive producer of the website and all marketing materials.

Live Band Music Video Goal: Increase Awareness

Stashbox is one of the most popular and musical Reggae Rock Rap bands based out of South Florida.  Tribute Bob Dylan a top Bob Dylan Tribute Show 2+ Hours of high energy / beautiful Bob Dylan songs done by Singer/Guitarist Dean Palermo with exciting lead guitar.  Its like if Jimi Hendrix was in Bob Dylan’s band.

These videos help spread awareness in their local market and internationally.

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Real Estate Agent Videos Produced by Elettro

Levine Team hired Elettro to produce a search of social media videos to expand the agent’s awareness within his local community.

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