About Cora

Cora is a long time promotional partner, she’s a AVID!! sky diver, Dean has worked with her for years.  She are very reasonable, flexible, and professional.


Cora a long time Social media influencer stats: 

: 2,500,000+ likes
Instagram: 330,000 followers


Social media digital
– Facebook & Instagram — posts / shares / stories / likes from the big profile / comment engagement on posts / @mentions that link to Blackwell Rum’s Fb Page.  #BlackwellRum mentions on Instagram / going live videos with simple mentions, or more produced / coordinated going live with swag or in cool locations like venues / bars interacting with bartender making drink with the rum.

Real Human Engagement 

– Stashbox shows she can attend, play hot “hostess with the mostest” and pour drinks do brand rep type things. She is good friends with the Stashbox guys so that only helps.

– She could attend relevant events, selfies photos, go live social video while mentioning verbally as well as @BlackwellRum on FB so its a link and #BlackwellRum on Instagram

– She’s a professional sky diver so what ever integration like as well as supply me with content that I could then mix into promo video content

– Cora also has a network of other models with large pages from her social media trading to all the models she’s helped that are now huge. So that is a whole other layer of extended network as well.  So through her with budget I could also extend our social reach to our social partners.

– Anything else that you want to request – let us know.



Fast 30 Shares


Test our Facebook share network. We share your post on 30 Fanpages, you can upgrade to include being shared on Tahiti Cora’s Facebook (2.5 Million Likes) and Instagram (333,000 Followers) profile.

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